10 Ways How Strong Women Approach a Relationship

The popular writer and journalist C. JoyBell C. who lived in the last century has written many quotes about different aspects of life, one of them is the quotes of strong women:

“I believe in strong women. I believe in the woman who is able to stand up for herself. I believe in the woman who doesn’t need to hide behind her husband’s back. I believe that if you have problems, as a woman you deal with them, you don’t play victim, you don’t make yourself look pitiful, you don’t point fingers. You stand and you deal. You face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart.”

The independence that women have today is thanks to all those strong women in the past about this writer writes about.

Any strong woman knows that she needs to take care of herself and not to rely on someone else to save her. This lady does not act as a gentle and fragile person. This type of woman fought battles in which she strongly opposed the hardships of life. She experienced this even in her young age and it is most likely that she went through many downs in life, but they have not made her weaker, but in fact stronger thus making her a winner.

If you are a guy that has that kind of woman near you, then you should be aware of certain things about how she will act and want from a relationship. Even if you will intimidated by this type of woman, do not walk away as she will be there for you when no one will want or be able to.

Here it is what you should expect in a relationship with a strong woman.

10 Ways How Strong Women Approach a Relationship

  1. The relationship is not created for saving them

Even as children these women know that there isn’t a person that can save them unless they do not save themselves. They are very well aware of that fact and because of that they do not find the pleasure when they need to rely on someone, especially when men are concerned. They will deal with whatever bothers them by themselves.

So, when they are in a relationship they do not search for financial or emotional support. The relationship is not means to an end, someone to provide them with things or to be with someone just to avoid the loneliness, bother, and so on. When you are in a relationship with such woman you should know that this person does not have any ulterior motive for being with you, and in that respect you are save. This woman will bring you the needed security as in this type of relationship you are not pressured to bring the six figure income to keep her satisfied. You don’t have to walk on eggshells around her so that she is happy or babysit her emotions. She does not need a hero to be saved and that will make you less pressurized and feeling free from all the unnecessary drama.

  1. They handle their emotions very good

Strong women know how to handle their emotions and do not need someone else to pamper and protect them in life. They know how to deal with their emotions and thanks to their emotional maturity, it is much easier to discuss with them over disputable matters. She will control her feelings and let her partner to present his point of view without interrupting. A strong woman deals with serious things as an adult person showing respect and grace.

  1. They are not looking for something casual

These women are not with a partner just for the fun of it or for the temporary coziness. They want a partner who will withstand all changes and hardships, but she will be there all the way. They are always more interested in serious relationships as their partner is not only for showing off, but he should be a person that completes her and becomes her soul mate.

  1. Strong women have their own goals and dreams

This type of woman will not wait for the partner to bring the bread at home, but she will do it by herself and very contribute to the relationship. She does not seek from someone to show her direction in life as she has her own goals and dreams that she will try to fulfill. However, she will want the same for you so that you can follow your dreams and goals. She wants you to have your own lifeand she will not meddle in it, but nonetheless you will still go the same way and always be there for each other. As she is determined to proceed with her dreams she would expect the same from the partner she is with too.

  1. They are not the jealous type

A strong woman values trust very much. It may take a time till you gain her trust, but when you do make sure to cherish and appreciate it. She gave you her heart, and she will trust you unconditionally. She will not ask you silly questions about your co-workers or over question the hours with your colleagues after work or the places you visit. She will not become jealous about the friends you have. But, have in mind that trust is a big deal for her, and once you lose it you will not get it that easily back or you may never have that privilege again.

  1. Strong women know what they want

These women have experienced bad relationships before so they know exactly what they want. They do not live in a fantasy that he will change and become the person they want to live with. So, they know exactly what they DO NOT want and know what they DO want. If the relationship does not offer for them the needed things and emotions she will end up the relationship not wasting her and as well as your time.

  1. A relationship for them as an equal partnership

They do not look for a partner in order to get something from him, but they need a partner that he will bring value to their life. They need someone who will lift them up, but not drag them down. In the same respect she offers the same to her partner. She wants to give meaning in the other person’s life and elevate him along with her so that both give deeper meaning to their relationship. She knows how important is to give and take in a relationship, and she will never take more than she’s willing to give.

  1. They are not afraid of conflict

They want the conflicting issue to be solved almost immediately; they don’t tiptoe around an issue and let it fester. They are not the angry type solving the issue with yelling, but theywill do it civilized and for sure won’t wait in a corner and let it be solved by itself or ignore it. So, if she believes that something is going on between you she will ask you about the problem you have and try to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

  1. She refers to arelationshipasa team

For them good relationship is teamwork which means that she will choose the partner in life that will not slow her down and a stable person with whom she can build her and his future. They are in everything together, she does not want to control anyone and for that matter someone to control her. She wants someone to keep her back in life, and also she will support the person with whom she is with. She needs a person with whom she can share all her wins in life and as well as her losses. If she finds the partner that can offer this she will also become his biggest support in his life.

  1. They run from negativity

She has become very strong because she experienced real hardships in life. Once she has overcome all that she does not want to be drawn back to the darkness and negativity that offers life. She likes only positive people that fight through life. She cannot be with a person that constantly complains and has a toxic behavior that can drag her down. This does not mean that she will run away from your problems, on the contraryshe will help you, but won’t tolerate any negative thoughts and lamentation over life hardships.

Do not get intimidated by a strong woman as this type of women gives this world hope and incites us to be better persons and striving to achieve more. These women never give up although they have been faced with a plenty of obstacles and adversity in life, and we can be thankful for their existence as if they weren’t around we wouldn’t be around too.

A strong woman knows how to balance fiery nature with wisdom and grace as she does not want a complete control over the partnership. You may find her a little bit too strong when you meet her, but once she gains the trust she will let you to lead and be always by your side.

You should be aware that having a relation with this type of woman is a privilege as she will show you what love means in a higher level.

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