11 Ways People React Because of Their High Functioning Anxiety

Anxiety can make a person passive, lazy, irresponsible, and weird, and it is a condition of which numerous people suffer from. Although it is not a serious health issue, you should not ignore it.

Anxiety Effects of Which You Are Not Aware

  1. Talks about the future that cause a breakdown

People suffering from anxiety are experiencing fear and frustration when talking or thinking about their future plans. Their present time is really hard, so when their future comes in question they are even more intimidated by it.

  1. Problems to fall asleep and early risings

An anxious person is with racing thoughts all the time, especially before going to sleep which makes it difficult to fall asleep. Not only that he cannot easily fall asleep but as well as he cannot have a prolonged sleep and as soon as the dawn comes this person wakes up and his thoughts start running again so he cannot continue his sleep.

  1. Obsession with trivial things

These persons are so obsessed with unimportant things that a regular person cannot acknowledge that way of thinking. For instance, a mind of an anxious person can be processing a simple piece of information for days. They are obsessed with even how a particular word sounded or what that glance meant, about a past conversation, and so on.

  1. Obsession with past mistakes

Making a mistake for them is a real torture, particularly the ones made at work. Their goal is to be perfect which no one can achieve that and that makes their anxiety even worse.

  1. Repeating conversations in the head

These rewinding of the past conversations over and over again are an attempt to find their mistakes, and because of that they never fight with other people. However, this constant replaying of what was talked is tiresome which brings only the feelings of guilt and mental exhaustion.

  1. Constant comparison with other people

They are comparing their success with the success of their peers which makes them even more anxious as they are not sure if they can achieve the same things in life.

  1. Not getting a fast response makes them believe that have done something wrong

In everyday communication, if someone needs time to answer something, an anxious person immediately starts to wonder if he or she is the reason for that.

  1. If somebody asks them how they are doing, they are getting more anxious

Even a simplest polite concern triggers in them anxious feelings like are the other people aware of their constant inner struggle which makes them even more worried.

  1. Always thinking about the worst scenario

People with anxiety always first consider the worst possible scenario in every situation. This makes them incapable of enjoying the present moment. There are no positive notions that things may be good, but only the worst scenario like that their job interviews will be a big failure, that the date will go wrong, or that they will suffer from the most severe disease.

  1. Rejecting invitations which they will enjoy

An anxious person also likes to go on a planned gathering or meetings, or attend some event, but when the anxious feelings start to appear this makes it almost impossible. Their whole positive energy gets drained from the body and they immediately cancel their attendance although they would have very much enjoyed the event.

  1. Not being able to get up from bed due to unreal mental and physical exhaustion

This constant processing of thoughts and talks leads to lower energy levels which in a severe cases the anxious person does not want to get up in the morning. These anxious feeling completely   paralyze the person which makes him fixated to the bed. This is their way of running away from the torture in the head.

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