12 Common Symptoms of Thyroid Disorder That Are Ignored By 27 Million Women

Issues with the thyroid has become so often that approximately over 27 million Americans are struggling from this disease according to a conducted research.

They can get easily worsen as the symptoms can be easily mistaken for symptoms of other health conditions. However, there are signs of this condition that cannot get ignored, and here they are:

The Most Common Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders

  1. Anxiety

Being anxious and worried about trivial not important things,it indicates that you suffer from some thyroid issue.

  1. Too Much Perspiration

The common symptom of an excessive sweating is a hyperactive thyroid, and high hormone levels can cause high body temperature.

  1. Sudden Weight Gain

Weight gain can be a symptom ofan underactive thyroid functionprovided that your diet as same as before and you workout as usual. The lack of hormone leads to lower metabolism which means less calorie burning.

  1. Disturbed Sleeping Patterns

Not being able to sleep at nightmay be a result of an overactive thyroid gland which excessively pumps out T3 and T4 hormones. Too much of these hormones can over stimulate the central nervous system thereby triggering insomnia.

  1. Brain Fog

Thyroid disorders can lead to a subtle loss of memory, mental fatigues, and can cause brain fog.

  1. Altered Bowel Habits

This condition can also affect the bowel movement. Namely, often constipation might occur as a result of an underactive thyroid. On the other hand, regular bowel movement might be due to an overactive thyroid.

  1. Daytime tiredness

If you desperately need that afternoon nap and experience tiredness during the whole day, then this daytime tiredness may signalissue of an underactive thyroid where the body requires more thyroid hormones to produce energy.

  1. Excessive Energy

In this case the body processes are speeded up which makes you feel more energetic.

  1. An Unexpected Weight Loss

Although we all want to lose some pounds, a sudden weight loss may be a symptom of a thyroid issue, especially if you have not changed your diet or your workout plan. This may indicate that you suffer from an overactive thyroid which increases the metabolism.

  1. Late and Early Periods

The thyroid gland is in charge of producing hormones, and if does not produce sufficient amount of hormones, your periods may never be on time and they can be longer and heavier. If you are dealing with an overactive thyroid, then the periods are lighter and appear after long periods of time.

  1. Miscarriage or Infertility

If by any chance you have had a miscarriage or not being able to conceive and you have no family history in this matter, then make sure to check your thyroid levels.Low thyroid levels can affect the ovulation in women.

  1. Hair Thinning

Thyroid disorder, no matter if you are dealing with an underactive or overactive one can influence the hair growth cycle making your hair thinner from the eyebrows up.





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