12 Must-Know Formal Manners for Any Social Circle

Good manners are never out of date, in fact in these hectic times proper behavior has become a real value.

If you have good manners you will be well recognized in any social circle as being polite sends a message that you are a good person with proper attitudes.

For that reason, you should work on your good manners like proper use of words, courtesy, neat and clean appearance, and subdued emotions.

Even if you do not consider yourself as a person with good manners you can improve that condition by learning these 12 rules.

12 Etiquette Rules

  1. Greet every person that enters the room no matter of the status, age, or profession.
  2. Men with manners respect the female gender.
  3. Express gratitude to the people who have been of some assistance to you as in that way you are expressing appreciation for their help.
  4. Make sure never to stare at people, talk or laugh loudly.
  5. A lady should not let a gentleman to carry her bag, but a gentleman should take their coats to the cloakroom.
  6. If you are on a date or some meeting do not spend the night texting or taking photos.
  7. Avoid having empty conversations on the phone, especially not when you are with someone. When being with friends, answer only if it is very important.
  8. Do not use the phone when you are having company as if you keep on checking your phone or worse your Facebook and Instagram then you are sending a message that you are bored or uninterested in their company. When you are in a company with another person make certain to dedicate your attention to the person who you are with at the moment.
  9. If you are with someone outside or in a room and he or she greets and meets other people, then you should as well as greet them although you have never seen them before.
  10. Following a trend only by yourself and no one else it will look ridiculous no matter if it is a good trend.
  11. Watch out on pedestrians while driving.
  12. Some things should not be shared with other people like: age, family problems, religion, presents, disgrace, honor, affairs, wealth, and medical issues.

These rules are really simple to follow, and if implemented they will make a great difference in your way of living. Their implementation will improve your communication and social life.

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