13 Ways How to Reuse Coffee Grounds

We all like coffee and because of that we are frequent consumers of this dark hot beverage. But, there is something of which you have probably not been aware and that is that you can use the remaining of the coffee left on the bottom of the cup. This residue is usually discarded, but after you find out what it can offer we are more than sure that you will stop this habit.

What is left in your coffee cup should be dried out on a baking paper in an oven or simply put it on a flat plat to dry out by itself naturally. The obtained coffee grounds can be used for various purposesin your home. They can be as well as used as a remedy and as a cosmetic product.

13 Ways how to Reuse Coffee Grounds

  1. Abrasive properties

The use of coffee grounds can efficiently replace various abrasive products or cleaning detergents for cleaning kitchen surfaces, pots and pans. This is probably the cheapest cleaning agent that you can have in your home.

  1. Grill cleaner

The most difficult part for cleaning in your home is for sure the grill. It is really a bother, but this can be solved very easily by using the coffee grounds. All you need to do is to place coffee grounds on your sponge and with it rub the grill, and you will see how soon it will be cleaned.

  1. Neutralize odors in your fridge

For that purpose you need to put a cup of coffee grounds and your fridge will be free of bad odors.

  1. Remove the swollen bags under your eyes

All you need to do is to mix coffee grounds with some essential oil which can restore the skin, and use this mixture onto the bags under the eyes.

  1. Hair energizer

Coffee grounds have in their content nutrients which are very beneficial for the hairs with dark color.

  1. Soap alternative

Due to the amazing peeling effects coffee grounds can be used as soap. There is nothing to lose just try it.

  1. Cellulite remedy

The main ingredient in all anti-cellulite products is caffeine. Most of the anti-cellulite products are expensive, and in this way you will not spend a dime and still obtain the wanted effect. Just mix coffee grounds with some cheaper oils and utilize it as cellulite remedy.

  1. Plant fertilizer

Coffee grounds as mentioned before have plenty of nutrients and because of that they can easily turn into an incredible plant fertilizer. For that reason, put the leftovers of your coffee on the ground of your plants and thus have great looking plants.

  1. Protect from mosquitoes and wasps

Put your coffee grounds in jars that are fire-safe and then place them in the areas where you need a protection form wasps and mosquitoes. Next, light them and the wasps and mosquitoes will not come near these areas as they detest the scent of coffee grounds.

  1. Protect your dog from fleas

All you need to do is to use coffee grounds in order to massage the dog’s fur and skin. This will help your pet against the attacks of fleas.

  1. Repel ants

Ants do not like the smell of the coffeeandbecause of that this will be a natural repellentagainst ants.

  1. Keeps snail at bay

If your beets are attacked by snails the use of coffee grounds will come handy for you. They can efficiently kill them if you spread some coffee grounds across the soil.

  1. Protect your house form cats

If you do not like cats especially their presence around your house, then the use of coffee grounds will create an invisible barrier. Namely, cats cannot stand the coffee smell.

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