3 Day Diet Plan to Cleanse Your Body of Sugar

The body needs sugar to turn it into body energy, but in the case of excessive consumption the consumed sugar is being turned into fat.

Too much intake of sugar is bad for your body, especially the intake of artificial sugar. When this type of sugar reaches the intestine, the body increases the blood sugar levels and processes the artificial sugar as intestinal bacteria. The sugar that is being stored as fat is mostly noticeable in body areas like waist, hips and thighs.

Therefore, you need to stop this excessive sugar intake if you want to preserve your health and lose all that unwanted body weight. Many people suffer from sugar cravings, but if you are determined you can stop them.

You are experiencing sugar cravings once the meal is being digested, and then the body starts to send signals of “hunger” to the brain, making you to take one sweet dessert. But, this is something that for sure you do not need and because of that you should avoid its consumption and in that way protect the body from all that additional sugar. However, this sugar reduction needs to be done gradually as you will experience the classic symptoms of an addiction withdrawal like fatigue, headaches, sadness, and nausea.

But, this should not stop your determination to lower the intake of sugar, just you need to survive these sugar cravings in the beginning and very soon you will calm your sweet cravings, lose weight and improve your health.

The diet that we are about to present to you will help you in proceeding with the lower intake of sugar, and that can be achieved in 3 days.

Diet that Can Lower the Sugar Consumption

First Day

Breakfast meal

  • 3 boiled or scrambled eggs

The other alternative would be: 1 cup of oats combined with almonds, blueberries, and seeds

  • Morning snack
  • A handful of nuts or fruit

Lunch meal

  • Chicken breast with sautéed vegetables (carrots, beets, butternut squash, parsnips, turnips, beans) and almonds.

Dinner meal

  • Salmon with broccoli and fresh mushrooms

The other alternative would be: grilled fish with a bowl of green beans.

Second Day

Breakfast meal

  • 3 scrambled eggs and juice

The other alternative would be:  1 cup of oats combined with almonds, blueberries, and seeds

  • Morning snack
  • A handful of nuts or a banana.

Lunch meal

  • Salad made of red and green cabbage and grated carrots seasoned with chopped parsley, lemon juice, oil olive, and a pinch of salt.

The other alternative would be: Grilled vegetables like red and yellow peppers and zucchini seasoned with lemon, vinegar and thyme.

Dinner meal

  • Baked cod with sautéed Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts roasted or sautéed and turnips.

The other alternative would be: Steamed green vegetables, some vegetables in casserole and soup of beans.

Third Day

Breakfast meal

  • 1 cup of oats mixed with blueberries, seeds, and almonds, and also fruit juice
  • Morning snack
  • A handful of nuts or fruit.

Lunch meal

  • Roasted chicken with onions, black olives and thyme

The other alternative would be: 2 roasted chicken thighs with sage, rosemary, and lemon.

Dinner meal

  • Brown rice with mushrooms, basil and tomato sauce

The other alternative would be: mushrooms broth with garlic, onions, carrots, celery, thyme and a bay leaf.

Avoid the consumption of soft drinks as they are packed with sugar and most of them with artificial sugar. Therefore, introduce the following detox drinks and hot drinks that can enhance the body’s metabolism and cleanse the body.

Anti-Sugar Detox Drinks


Coffee is beneficial for your body, but only one cup of black coffee without sugar per day. Excessive consumption of this beverage boosts stress and accelerates the heart rate.

Detox tea

You can opt for the consumption of green tea or other unsweetened tea 3 times a day. The consumption of green tea will successfully detox your body due to its high content of   antioxidants. Plus, it acts as a powerful diuretic, prevents water retention and eliminates fat from the body.

Detox water

 Prepare your own detox water by combining it with one of the following foods: blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit, oranges, and add fresh rosemary or mint. Cut these foods in pieces and include it into a glass pitcher filled with water. Put it in a fridge and then sip it throughout the day.

Each one of these fruits is high in antioxidants which has the ability to cleanse the blood from the buildup toxins as a result of the intake of sugar. They are packed with natural sugar which is very beneficial to the body.

Consume these detox drinks through the whole day, and thus calm the sugar cravings. Yet, for optimal results, you should closely pay attention to what you eat meaning choose only fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Remember to practice regularly.

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