3 Ways to Get Rid of Moisture in Your Home Quickly & Permanently

Moisture can be very harmful for our homes, but most importantly for our health. The presence of high moisturecan make us experience it as heaviness where the air quality is no longer healthy. A wet house is when it reaches a hydrometric rate greater than 60% which needs to be solved if we want to have healthy air in our home.

As a result of the excessive moisture fungi, dark spots and mold develop in our home which is very harmful for people with asthma. Areas that are mostly affected by moisture are basements, ceilings, exterior and interior walls.

Reasons for Indoor Humidity

There are many factors for the appearance of humidity on the walls and as well as on other places in the house:

  1. Bad house ventilation

Not proper ventilation in your home can cause humidity. You can solve it by letting the air entering freely in the house or to install mechanical ventilation controlled (VMC), which uses a device that absorbs the humidity in the air.

  1. Moisture of the soil

The moisture can come from the basement due to the soil pressure against the foundations or by the rise of water in the walls.

  1. Water infiltration

In this case the moisture can be a result of a leak in the pipe, cracks in the walls or a sealing problem.

Health Issues as a Result of Humidity

Unfortunately, home with high percentage of humidity can be very harmful for the overall health and become the root cause of infectious and toxic disease.

Here are some of the health conditions triggered by mold:

  • Various allergies
  • Irritation of the eyes
  • Asthma, cough, and rhinitis
  • Skin irritation

Hence, we need to find the best natural solution that can solve the moisture issue and thus protect our health.

Natural Methods for Moisture Removal

  1. White vinegar

This type of vinegar acts as an antibacterial, descaler, a repellent, and a deodorant. It contains acetic acid that removes the annoying molds that builds up on the walls and ceilings. Plus, it is an environmentally friendly product.

– In an empty spray bottle pour either pure white vinegar or diluted with water. Then, spray all the corners affected by moisture. Repeat till you remove the mold from the affected areas.

– Clean the stains from mold by soaking a clean towel into white vinegar.

  1. Salt

Salt is a great absorbent which can protect against the proliferation of microorganisms. Place a kilo of salt in a container and leave it in the wet room. When the salt gets dark replace it with another one.

  1. Mustard flour

This method involves grinding of the mustard seed and then mixed with vinegar and salt. The mustard flour can absorb the moisture and thanks to its antimycotic and disinfectant properties it can successfully remove all fungi.

  • Place the mustard flour in a container and leave it in the room affected by moisture. The moisture will start to lower significantly and very quickly. Change the flour once per week.

Additional Tips

You can prevent the occurrence of moisture by following these tips:

  • Properly ventilate the whole house in order for the air to circulate freely everywhere in the house.
  • Do not dry the clothes inside the house.
  • Do not stick the furniture to the wall so that the moisture does not accumulate there and move the furniture as much as possible.
  • The air conditioning of the houses needs to be in the range of 18 to 20 degrees.
  • You should use a dehumidifier containing silica gel which is very effective in absorbing moisture.
  • Put Arabic gum in each part of the house even in the closets offering pleasant scent as well.
  • You should clean the mold with a clean cloth soaked in soapy water. After that nicely ventilate the room.
  • While cleaning the mold, make sure to wear a dust mask and rubber gloves so that to protect your body from the exposure to mold particles.

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