5 Exercises to Get Rid of Arm and Back Fat

Due to the modern way of living most of the people suffer from excess weight. The fast and processed foods make havoc to our bodies inside and outside; therefore we need to turn towards the consumption of healthy foods and implementing regular exercises.

The most difficult fat to remove is that on the arms, chest and back, and for that purpose you need exercises that target these specific body areas.

These 5 exercises will easily remove the fat present on the lateral sides of the breasts and underarms. By implementing these exercises you will manage to tone the muscles in these body areas and acquire the body that you have always wanted to have.

5 Effective Exercises for Your Arms and Chest

  1. Lifting up dumbbells on the ground

The performance of this exercise is easy which will make your arms stronger. For that purpose, take a lying position on your back on the ground, and then raise two dumbbells up in the air. You should have in mind that the weight of the dumbbells depends on your strength; therefore make sure to lift the ones that you can. The obtained effects from this exercise depend on the lifted weight and on the regular performance.

Nonetheless, this is an easy exercise and if performed regularly you will manage to remove the fat on the side of your chest and armpits.

  1. Offset pumps

Contrary to the performance of regular pumps, here you need to shift the pumps with a slightly modified hand position.

Start by taking the regular position to perform pumps. Next, put one hand little bit behind and the other one slightly forward in order that your hands are not on the same line. The performance of pumps in this position will offer stronger arms and chest.

  1. Lifting dumbbell in flapping wings

For this exercise you need to take a lying position on the floor with having a straight back, and then you should raise two dumbbells above your chest, and open your arms till they are situated on the floor similar to the movement of wings. Have in mind to keep good posture while performing this exercise as if that is not followed you may end up having shoulder and back problems.

Do 10 repetitions of this movement.

  1. Vertical lifting of dumbbells

The performance of this movement will provide you with strong shoulders, biceps and back. Therefore, lean forward and place the right knee forward and the left leg straight back. Next, with your left hand lift a dumbbell to your chest while keeping a vertical motion. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise, and after that change side and make the same repetitions.

  1. Inflexions

The performance of inflexions will target the triceps, but as well as the arms and armpit area. This is considered an intense workout.

For this one you should place your body in front of a bench and then put your hands behind you while leaning on the bench. Next, raise your body up and down by using your forearms and make only brief stops. Maintain straight legs in front of your body.

The implementation of these exercises into your workout plan will target specific body areas like your arms, shoulders, the area under the arms and shoulders. They are very effective, but in order to obtain optimal results you need to make a change in your eating habits as well. This would mean introduction of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and proper intake of water in order to stimulate the metabolism to burn more fat.

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