5 Modern Habits that Lead to Poor Mental Health

According to the well-known sociologist Jean Twenge: “Modern life is not good for mental health.”

We are living in a modern age where we have all the needed commodities which we usually take them for granted. For instance, thanks to the technology we have machines that can do the laundry, dishes, cleaning vacuum robots, delivery services bringing our food at the our own doorstep and all done just by pressing a button. However, although the life has improved in these stances, it seems that nowadays people suffer more from depression and mental illnesses than in previous times, ironically, isn’t it?

It is a fact that we not work really hard for daily things anymore, but no matter of that fact we are more under stress and do not experience leisure time. It may seem confusing to have it all, and still not feeling happy, but it is true, and if we look a little deeper, it makes sense.

We do not thrive in this modern world anymore and due to that moods and physical health suffer. The life has become easier thanks to all those gadgets, but easy is not always an indication for better life. The human being is created to experience sunshine, fresh air, natural and fresh food, to follow some physical activity like in the old days, to chop wood, and as well as to communicate with other people. Unfortunately, modern life does not involve these aspects of life which consequently leads to mental health crisis.

5 Modern Habits that Lead to Poor Mental Health

  1. Overuse of Smart phones and Technology

According to many studies since the rise of the mobile technology there have been more mental illnesses than before. Before the appearance of smart phones, people talked face-to-face and had more revealing and deeper conversations as there weren’t so many distractions right in front of them. Nowadays, we have plenty distractions than ever which makes us less present and mindful in the real world.Unfortunately, not being able to connect with other people and ourselves have lead to an epidemic of anxiety and depression.

It was revealed that people who spend longer period of time on social media are more likely to develop depression.They are constantly plugged-in the world that does not really exist and that makes them less connected with themselves and the people around them.

  1. Lack of proper movement

In the past people were more active and that does not refer to physical exercise, but to real work. Before the rise of machinery and many gadgets, people had to work physically to get food, water, and shelter. Most of the people lived closer to nature, which made them more moveable in order to acquire the things they need. Nowadays, the cities are overpopulated, and everything that we need like foods, we get in a car and drive to the nearest grocery store.

In order to pay our accommodation and roof over our head most of us have sitting jobs which require long sitting hours behind a desk.

It is fact that we have more health care than before, but unfortunately less health than ever. Millions of people suffer from diabetes, heart issues, and other health ailments at younger ages. The modern life is based on lack of movement which leads to poor physical health, but as well as to poor mental health increasing cases of anxiety and depression.

Regular physical activity releases endorphins, “happy hormones” that boost the mood which is very important if we want to successfully fight off depression and anxiety.

  1. Buying plenty of unnecessary things

Shopping mania catches everyone, and in this modern way of living, people buy more and more things that they do not really need. Unfortunately things cannot bring happiness, and after longer period of time they just accumulate which can result in stress and anxiety. Objects cannot fill the void in our lives, but positive experiences and things that we do like for instance a pottery course can bring us satisfaction and happiness. This has been confirmed by many researchers as people connect more to things rather than to things they can use.

  1. Lack of quality sleep

Conditions like depression and anxiety are closely related to lack of sleep. In order for the mind and body to function accordingly having a quality sleep is of great essence, and this is not valued by the modern way of living. People stay more and more in front of their laptops, mobile and other technology thus preventing the body to have its proper restful sleep. There is also the enormous amount of caffeine that we take during the day which cannot offer us later in the night the sleep that we need. Therefore, we need to find a proper sleeping pattern that will be beneficial for our mind and body.

  1. Not enough spent time in nature

People have built a world that protects them from nature having all these high buildings and asphalt streets. The human being is built to live in nature and to experience all its benefits. Namely, the body needs sunlight which is the natural source of vitamin D that boosts the mood and the immune system. It was revealed that people who tend to walk through parks instead of streets are happier than the others who avoid them and stay more indoors.

If we want to live a quality life we should try to limit the use of technology in such excess, especially social media as there is no replacement to real communication with people in the “old-fashioned” way, talking face-to-face. Nature, sunlight, fresh foods, plenty of sleep, exercise is the things that can lead to happiness and thus prevent the occurrence of depression and anxiety.

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