7 Carcinogenic Foods That Might Cause Disease

Cancer is still the most deadly disease on the planet from which millions of people suffer from. For this disease to reach its clinical stage several years need to pass, but the process can be accelerated if we lead bad lifestyle. This has been already confirmed by many studies revealing that the progression of tumors is closely linked to our lifestyle. Bad eating habits can only contribute to the cause of cancer.

Cancer can seriously affect our way of living and the ones that are close to us. The conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can be extremely excruciating and painful. Therefore, we should focus on how we can prevent this disease from appearance and that can be achieved if we exclude certain foods from our diet.

List of Harmful Foods for Your Health

  1. Refined sugar

This is the worst sugar as it is the greatest enemy for our health. Although very addictive we need to limit its use as it is the number one cause of many diseases like diabetes and obesity. Its high consumption can lead to the occurrence of digestive issues, liver and pancreas problems and as well as issues with the nervous system. Moreover, the intake of refined sugars is in fact the ideal food for the cancer cells which accelerates their growth. Have in mind that natural sugars which are found in fruits and honey when consumed moderately are in fact beneficial for the overall health.

  1. Donuts

These delicious treats have in their content white sugar, white flour and saturated fat. Each one of the used ingredients is very toxic for your health and thus triggering many ailments. Namely, a combination of saturated fat and sugar consumed over long period of time can cause heart disease or diabetes.

  1. Delicatessen

The World Health Organization – WHO states that the consumption of red meat and processed meats like cold cuts can cause cancer. Processed meats are high in sodium and nitrates which are very harmful for the overall health. These substances are carcinogens, which have been classified in the same category with asbestos and smoking.

  1. Flour

Refined flour can be as harmful as refined sugar when our health is concerned. Plus, its nutritional value is nearly to zero and its consumption can impede the proper function of the pancreas and the level of insulin. As you are already aware once consumed the carbohydrates are being converted into sugars which are an excellent fuel source for cancer.

  1. Chips

What to say about this food only that is a cancer in package. Not only chips but any crisp snack is harmful for your health as when they are made a dangerous ingredient like acrylamide is being used. As per Dale Hattis, a researcher at Clark University, Massachusetts, this substance is“a byproduct causing thousands of cancers per year in America “.

These snacks are extremely rich in fat and salt, and their intake elevates the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure which may lead to a heart attack and stroke. Plus, as per released study in Cancer Science, a diet high in salt may lead to gastrointestinal cancer.

  1. Fastfood burgers

Needless to say that fast and processed foods are extremely bad for your health. These foods, especially the burgers are packed with sodium, saturated fats and processed meat. Fast foods are too salty, fatty, or sweet, and in addition to this loaded with additives and carcinogenic chemicals.

  1. Canned soups

Soup is very healthy food product when it is homemade. Canned soup is not the healthy variant of s liquid meal as some canned soups may have in their content up to 890 milligrams of sodium. This amount equals our daily salt requirement which is too much considering the fact that during the way we consume other products containing sodium. Plus, the high presence of sodium in the body creates water retention and thus disrupts heart activity by elevating blood pressure level in the body.

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