8 Signs That You Have Too Much Blood Sugar

High blood sugar levels are not only characteristic for diabetics, but as well as for people who consume plenty of sugar on daily basis.

This high intake can harm the nerves, blood vessels and body organs. In order to prevent further health complications, you need to learn how to recognize the warning signs of high blood sugar levels. Here below are the 8 common signs of too much sugar consumption.

Have in mind that the intake of natural sugar present in fruits and honey is not a great concern for the body; the sugar that is bad for your body is the one coming from processed foods and various beverages.

8 Indication of High Sugar Consumption

  1. The urge to eat sweet products all the time

Sugar can be addictive as cocaine as per a research released in journal Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care. This means the more you eat sugar the more the body craves for its intake. Your taste buds get accustomed to sugar and you have come to the need of sweeter and sweeter in order to satisfy the need for sugar which offers the wanted pleasure. But, this can lead only to the occurrence of various ailments.

  1. Feeling lazy most of the day

Your body has a stable energy when the levels of blood glucose are stable. High intake of sugar triggers highs and lows of your blood sugar levels which in turn cause highs and lows of your energy levels. You may get the needed energy instantly after you have consumed something sweet, but it immediately drops making you wanting more sugar. In addition to this, your body lacks valuable proteins and fiber which you do not take due to the high sugar intake and as a result of that your body lacks the needed energy.

  1. Issues with concentration

These issues are typical in the case of hypoglycemia as when you eat too much sugar the blood glucose increases and drops quickly. This inadequate blood glucose control can lead to disturbance in cognitive abilities.

  1. Cavities

Tooth decay results when bacteria absorb food particles between teeth and then the harmful acid is being produced. The saliva can keep a healthy balance of bacteria, however this can get impeded when we consume plenty of sugar as it influences the pH levels and thus harms the natural mouth environment. In this environment bacteria easily grow and multiply causing cavities.

  1. Skin Issues

The insulin spike linked to sugar intake can trigger a hormonal cascade which results in the occurrence of acne or rosacea. People who are sensitive to insulin spike have the skin signs of high sugar intake in just a few days.

  1. Being irritated

Too much sugar in your body can trigger mood swings like being over-excited to feeling extremely grumpy. This high intake contributes to having energy in reserve which will make you even more moody and with a bad attitude.

  1. Extra pounds

As mentioned before when consuming sugar you are not providing the body with protein or fiber. This intake only triggers the release of insulin, a hormone which is accountable for the occurrence of diabetes and weight gain. The intake of sugar leads to release of insulin which is produced in the pancreas which carries the sugar into our organs as a source of energy. So, if you take in more sugar, the pancreas produces more insulin, and this condition over time can lead to insulin resistance.

  1. Frequent need for urination

High blood sugar levels make us thirstier and because of that we tend to consume more liquids. As a result of that we need to urinate more frequently.

What to do if you have high blood sugar levels?

  • Limit the intake of carbohydrates, but increase the intake of fiber, magnesium and chromium.
  • Watch out on your blood glucose levels and consult your doctor regarding your levels.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated.
  • Make sure to practice regularly.
  • Maintain good sleeping patterns.

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