8 Simple & Effective Ways to Look Slimmer Very Quickly

We all want to have thinner body and that can be achieved if you follow these 8 tips, and moreover if you follow them you can have that by even tonight.

8 Tips for Slimmer Body by Tonight

  1. Consume foods strategically

Breakfast meal

  • Watermelon

Lunch meal

  • A salad made of celery, asparagus, cucumbers and leafy vegetables.
  • Chicken breast with a little olive oil and lemon juice.


  • Cucumber

Dinner meal

Same meal as lunch.

All the fruits and vegetables that are high in water will swell the stomach and prolong the feeling of satiety, which will provide you with a slimmer body.

  1. The right food choice

Healthy foods that are rich in good fat are beneficial for slimmer body and as well as for enhancing the energy levels. Those are fish oil, dark chocolate, nuts, cheese, and so on.

Foods high in carbs that limit the sugar cravings such as cereals, brown rice, wholemeal bread, and so on.

Foods packed with proteins that aid fat loss like, eggs, fish, poultry, dairy products (preferably goat’s milk), nuts, and so on.

You can consume dairy products, but in small quantities. Likewise, you can eat moderately pastries.

  1. Avoid chewing gum

While chewing a gum, you are swallowing plenty of air. Plus, this habit makes the body retain fluid and they contain chemical sweeteners that are bad for digestion. You will also acquire voluminous cheeks as a result of the repetitive motions while chewing the gum that strengthens jaw muscles.

  1. Epsom salt bath

As per the dermatologist Francesca Fusco, having an Epsom salt bath for around 15 minutes will remove the trapped water in the cells. Therefore, add 2 cups of Epsom salt into your bath so that to release the toxins and waste through the pores. Plus, this warm bath will help in the removal of body fat and cellulite.

  1. Take supplements

There are several types of supplements that support the weight loss process:

  • Amino acids are vital in the regulation of the carbohydrates levels and in boosting the metabolism. They make the muscles stronger and regulate the body weight. As per a conducted study by India’s University of Delhi, shortage of amino acids in the body can lead to health issues like fatigue, infertility, and overweight.
  • Vitamin B6 stimulates the work of the metabolism, enhances energy and helps in burning fat.
  1. Use contouring makeup

Makeup can refine the appearance of your face and make you appear thinner. The contouring makeup technique is widely used by the stars. It redefines the face and redraws its volumes.

For that purpose, you should use a foundation with a tanning effect or a dark color below the cheekbones. After that focus on your eyes, and then use a blush and lipstick as a final move.

The hair style can also contribute to thinner look; just make a high ponytail for an instant lifting effect.

  1. Caffeine

You can lower the swelling by using gel, oil or a serum for slimming. The caffeinated products act as a mild diuretic to the skin and they are easily absorbed through the pores.

  1. Correct your posture

Having a good posture makes you seem slimmer. Therefore, keep a straight back, elevate the buttocks and push the chest. Make sure to use the stomach muscles and thus acquire good posture.

“The zone diet” used by Julia Roberts

The well-known actress of “Pretty Woman” follows this diet to look slimmer. It is based on 40% carbohydrates (sugars), 30% fat and 30% protein.

You will lose weight and keep healthy body if you consume healthy foods high in protein and take in more fruits and vegetables.

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