9 Depression Symptoms in Women That Should Not Be Ignored

Although easily mistaken with the feeling of sadness, depression is a mental disease which can seriously affect the affected person. Sadness can be very painful, but depression can be even more painful that can totally drain out the affected person.

Everyone around you will experience that type of mood making you stranger to them and to yourself as well.

The female gender is more susceptible to depressive thoughts and feelings. There are many factors that can trigger these types of feelings and notions like genetics or environmental causes. Nonetheless of the cause, everyone should know how to recognize the early signs of depression and thus act on time so that this mental condition does not enter a deeper phase.

9 Signs of Depression in Women

  1. Difficulty focusing

Depression makes it very difficult for the person to focus. Instances like spacing out in conversations, or not being able to remember what the other person said a minute ago are common indications of depression.

  1. Despair

A clear sign of depression is when the woman is feeling hopeless about the past, present, and future. These women are thinking about things that are not in their control, and although they try really hard not to think about them, it seems almost impossible as they end up on having these thoughts all over again.

  1. Irritability

Depression is not solely accompanied with sadness, but as well as with anger. People with depression are feeling very angry and they may easily lash out. These persons may do not want to be like that but the stress on their mind overwhelms them thus resulting in short fuse. Persons who are ina relationship with a depressive person know how difficult it can be.

  1. Loss of interest

When the depression takes its toll is when the affected personloses interest of the things that previously pleased her. This person is losing interest in creative arts or sex and each activity that before offered fulfillment now it is extremely difficult to follow.

  1. Low energy

Depression is very exhausting although you are still having a good night sleep. The reason for that is that stress is really difficult that drains out all the energy from your body. You are feeling fatigued, and not having the energy to do anything positive.

  1. Eating issues

Having eating issues is closely related to depression. Some women eat more when depressed in order to fill the void of unhappiness while on the other hand some have no appetite at all. This mental condition can very much disturb the eating habits of most women which is very unhealthy.

  1. Unhealthy sleeping patterns

Just like the eatinghabits the sleeping patterns can be also very much hampered by depression. A depressive person can stay up all night or stay in bed the whole day. This inconsistency in sleeping can only worsen this condition and make a total havoc on woman’s mind.

  1. Feeling empty

Depression can make the affected person to feel empty and nothing can really fulfill her anymore as nothing really existed before this condition. These notions can throw this person in deeper depression making everything worse than it is really like that.

  1. Suicidal thoughts

Probably the worst symptoms of depression are having suicidal thoughts. The affected person does not believe anymore that she is worth it in this world. The notion of suicide makes it as a relief;however this does not mean that these persons will commit suicide, just the notion will still remain what it would be like if they were no longer around.

If you experience some of the above mentioned signs you should pay a visit to a professional which is well trained in helping you with this issue. These professionals are fully trained in coping with these situations.

Acknowledging the fact that you have a depression is the first step to full recovery. Realizing that you suffer from depression should not embarrass you or make you feel bad, in fact recognizing it as a fact it will only make you stronger in the fight against this disease. It will make you stronger as we all have that inner hidden strength which is of vital importance when experiencing real hardships in life.

Take care of yourself like sleeping enough, eat properly, and follow some fulfilling physical activity like walking, in nature, running, and so on. You may feel that depression can completely consume you, but you will manage top keep it bay.

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