9 Tips to Stop Farting Naturally

Farting is a natural process both for humans and animals; however the smell and the noise can be very embarrassing for some people. If you have issues with this process then you are on the right site as we shall present you 9 easy ways that can reduce the excess gas.

9 Tips to Stop Farting Naturally

Use fennel

Fennel essential oil is powerful oil when the digestive health is concerned. This has been revealed by many researchers that recommend its use for infants as it is gentle enough to reduce farting and spasms of the colon.

Consume more pineapple and papaya

Both papaya and pineapple have in their content enzymes that help in breaking down harder food particles thus making the digestion easier. In this case you are less likely to produce farting.

Avoid cruciferous veggies

Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and similar cruciferous vegetables are most likely to produce more bloating and gas. You can test your body if these foods trigger excess gas and thus avoid them in your diet.

Try ginger

Just a little bit of ginger will help you to reduce the bloating that causes gas. You can take it in a non-carbonated drink like tea or as candied ginger or simply chew a small amount of ginger root. This can help you in relieving the gut and offering you a calming and soothing effect. However, the consumption of ginger ale is not recommended as any carbonated beverage can cause even more gas.

Eat slowly

You should avoid eating too fast and not even properly tasting the food. Eating slowly assists in healthy colon movement. Appreciate the food that you consume by eating it slowly and over a longer period of time. This way of food consumption helps with the digestion which means that it prevents the appearance of gas.

Chew more

The chewing also takes a great part in preventing gas. Namely, if you gulp food quickly without chewing you can increase the farting as you are swallowing air while eating or drinking. Your saliva helps in the process of breaking down food thus helping the digestion in your stomach which will prevent the occurrence of excess gas.

Fast with liquids

As per Victor Garcia-Nieto, author of A History of Celiac Disease the implementation of an ancient remedy can help in ceasing the farting. This remedy is based on taking in only liquids for a certain period of time. Although the period of time is not specified, a 48-hour fast period will do the job. In order to determine what is best for your body you should consult a naturopathic healer.

Perform yoga

The implementation on yoga movements into your workout can substantially help you with the farting issue. The slow and gentle yoga poses will stop the excess of gas. There are some yoga poses that can produce gas while moving and flexing the body, but these movements help the internal digestive and bowel organs to do the work so that to eliminate gases from their occurrence.

 Get enough rest

Taking the needed rest the body properly processes all the healthy organic nutrition you have offered to it. Therefore, when you wake up the occurrence of gas is less during the waking hours.

Each one of these natural remedies will help you to stop the farting as they prevent the bloating and the embarrassing gas. You can as well as implement these ingredients and methods in your daily routine thus preventing gas before it happens.

Prior any implementation of an eating regime you should consult your wellness advocate so that to determine whether that is the best solution for you.

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