A Study Suggests That Drinking Wine is More Beneficial than Exercise to Live Past 90

Having a longer lifespan is a wish for every human being, and because of that scientists have performed a wide range of researches.

In a 2003 study named as “The 90+ Study” they have studied the oldest-old which is for sure becoming the fastest growing age group in the world. Scientists have used the data from a 1981 study, named as “The Leisure World Cohort Study (LWCS)” in which were involved 14,000 participants that had the obligation to fill out the mailed surveys by the researchers.

The aspects on which the scientists were focused were the following ones: what are the factors related to longer life, the risk factors of dementia and mortality, and likewise they analyzed the epidemiology of dementia such as rates of cognitive and functional decline, and the clinical pathological correlations in the oldest-old.

The involved participants had to do neurological and neurophysiological tests two times per year, and provide data about their medical history, diet, medications, activities, and lifestyle habits. All this data was processed by the researchers, and they have come to the conclusion that those who drank alcohol moderately in fact lived longer than the others.

Here are the researchers’ findings:

“ Using data from our 1981 survey, people who consumed one to two glasses of alcohol (beer, wine or hard liquor) per day had 9-15 percent lower likelihood of dying compared to those who abstain from all alcohol. Participants, who exercised 15 to 45 minutes a day in 1981, cut the same risk of mortality by 15-35 percent.”

Have in mind that moderation is the key for longer life. If you overdo with alcohol consumption you will only trigger various health issues.

How important is the alcohol moderation Jim Becker, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry, neurology, and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and the associate director of the University of Pittsburg Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, states in the following lines:

 “The data are generally consistent with the idea that moderate intake of certain kinds of alcohol, and in particular red wines, are associated with certain positive health outcomes. But that doesn’t mean that if you suddenly decide at the age of 70 to start drinking now that that’s necessarily the solution. ”

Regarding this consumption, many other experts add that moderate alcohol consumption can be beneficial for the boy. Here it is what Dr. Steven Lamm, MD, clinical professor of medicine and medical director of the Tisch Center for Men’s Health at NYU Langone Health, states:

“Alcohol is known to injure every organ in your body. It’s a poison. However, there is a paradox and that is that very mild or moderate amounts in some of these population studies — which are notoriously unreliable in my opinion — do seem to suggest that it reduces the risk for heart disease.”

Even Mayo Clinic contributes with this finding. It states that the following moderate consumption can be very healthy for the body:

  • 1 drink of alcohol is enough for people older than 65
  • 2 drinks of alcohol are enough for men younger than 65

The moderate quantities are the following ones: 1standard beer drink is 12 fluid ounces, distilled spirits is 1.5 fluid ounces, and wine is 5 fluid ounces.

As per conducted studies moderate consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of diabetes, ischemic stroke, and death as a result of a heart disease.

Hence, consume freely 1glass of wine or beer with your lunch or dinner, but that’s it, as excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to serious health conditions and higher death risk from all causes.

Another study released in the British Journal of Sports Medicine reveals that regular exercise can inhibit the negative effects of hazardous drinking. It seems that moderate aerobic activity “appeared to wipe off completely” the risk of cancer and other severe diseases as a result of alcohol consumption.

You can drink a glass or two of your favorite wine during the day, but make certain afterwards to go for a run or walk first.

The secret for long life according to Herman Smith-Johannsen is “… stay busy, get plenty of exercise and don’t drink too much. Then again, don’t drink too little.”

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