All Women Need to Know These 5 Subtle Warning Sings of Heart Attack!

A heart attack can lead to deadly consequences and because of that we need to do everything that is in our power to protect the body from its occurrence, and that we can achieve if we lean its early signs.

The main cause for the occurrence of heart attack is the slow narrowing of the arteries that supply the heart with blood which results from the accumulation of plaque.

According to the latest researches women are more susceptible to a heart attack than men, namely approximately 43.8 million women are currently suffering from some kind of heart disease.

In the past men were the ones who experienced more heart attacks, but women are also taking the same pace as well; in fact they have the highest risk of death due to a heart attack than all cancer types combined.

The reason why this risk is higher in women is because the symptoms that the body sends are more subtle in women, which are commonly mistaken with symptoms of flu or some other less serious illness.

For that reason, it is of vital importance to learn the warning signs of a heart attack when ladies are concerned.

Here they are:

  1. Sweating and Shortness of Breath

One of the early signs of a heart attack is the feeling of a break out in a cold sweat, which worsens while exercising or being accompanied by chest pain, in these cases you should instantly call 911.

  1. Chest Pressure

The chest pressure is not as intense as in men as women often feel unpleasant squeezing, pressure, or fullness of pain in the center of the chest for a few minutes. They in fact feel it as an upper back pressure resembling squeezing or like a rope being tied around them.

  1. Pain in Areas Other Than the Chest

Those areas are commonly the arm, back, or the jaw.

  1. Unexplained Fatigue

Being tired all the time without any evident reason, and experiencing some of the listed symptoms above, then by all means you should pay a visit to your doctor.

  1. Nausea or Vomiting

Although these symptoms are being attributed to issues such as a stomach bug, they can n fact be an indication of a heart attack when ladies are concerned.

Here it is what you need to do to protect your body from the occurrence of a heart attack:

  1. Lower the Consumption of Sugar

Too much sugar intake negatively influences the body, lowers good cholesterol and elevates the triglycerides, thereby increasing the chances of having a heart attack.

  1. Consume healthy foods

Make sure to consume more foods like fruits and vegetables, particularly garlic that can reduce the blood pressure. One of the reasons for heart attack is the inflammation in the body and because of that you should take in anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric. This root contains an active ingredient which shows powerful anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the buildup of plaque in the arteries.

  1. Exercise

Although the performance of physical activity is good for you, you should have in mind that strenuous physical activity may increase the risk of a heart attack. Moderate exercise lowers the risk of heart attack.

  1. Take Supplements

Fish oil aids the blood flow and thus dilating the arteries. The intake of vitamin C prevents the damage to the arteries, while the presence of vitamin K will protect against the calcification of arteries, which may be another cause of a heart attack.

Have in mind not to wait too long before calling the 911, especially if experiencing some of these symptoms. Check the video below and find out more about heart attacks in women:

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