Banana Regulates These 9 Health Issues Better Than Drugs

Banana is probably the most popular tropical fruit consumed all around the world. It is extremely delicious, but aside its amazing taste it is very beneficial for the overall health and well-being. It is easily included into various smoothies thus boosting and enriching their taste and texture.

Therefore, make sure to introduce this fruit into your daily eating regime and thus reap all its incredible benefits.

9 Health Benefits of Bananas

  1. Heart issues

This fruit is packed with potassium, a valuable mineral for the health of the heart. The blood pressure levels are higher in the body due to high sodium intake and a lack of potassium. For that reason, the consumption of banana will regulate the blood pressure levels and protect the cardiovascular system.

  1. Hypertension

This condition results from potassium deficiency and excessive consumption of salt. As mentioned before bananas are abundant with potassium which will lower the already high blood pressure. All you have to do is to consume a banana every morning to keep normal blood pressure.

  1. Bone weakness

This fruit is packed with valuable nutrients like calcium which is very helpful in maintaining bones strong. Plus, it is high in manganese, a mineral that prevents bone demineralization, protects cells against oxidative stress, and contributes to proper energy metabolism and proper connective tissue formation.

  1. Tiredness

This delicious fruit is also packed with vitamins A, C and B6, which can battle against fatigue, but also against slow metabolism of proteins and glycogen. Plus, the vitamin B6 contributes to the normal synthesis of cysteine ​​and homocysteine, supports the function of the nervous system and stimulates the production of the red blood cells.

  1. Constipation and gases

The banana is great for the health of the digestive system. It contains an active compound known as pectin which stimulates the removal of heavy metals and other toxins from the body. It actually acts as a mild laxative in the lower intestine and thus preventing gas. This fruit is a great source of fiber which boosts the volume of the stool and softens it so that the removal from the body is easier.

  1. Premenstrual syndrome

The consumption of bananas is very beneficial before and during menstruation as a result of the rich content of potassium, vitamin B6, and magnesium.  These minerals and vitamin B6 battle the bloating which creates the discomfort and pain and as well as prevents water retention. The magnesium will boost the mood and alleviate the cramps as a result of the contractions.

  1. Skin aging

According to a 2016 study the banana pulp has the ability to fight against skin aging due to the content of flavonoids, which can fight the oxidative stress. Plus, it is packed with antioxidants.

  1. Weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, then you should introduce banana into your diet. It has in its content soluble fibers that absorb the water contained in the digestive tract thereby slowing the body’s digestion. This means that the food will stay in your stomach longer thus offering the feeling of fullness for a longer period of time which in turn will reduce the food cravings. In addition to all this, it contains an enzyme named as lipase which boosts the fat burning process.

  1. Hair loss

This fruit contains many minerals like selenium and iron which are helpful in the battle against hair loss. The banana turns into an excellent mask for dry and brittle hair and it hydrates and boosts their growth.

The By-products of Banana

The whole fruit is beneficial, including the peel, flower or the banana trunk. For instance the banana peel shows strong antioxidant properties, dietary fiber, minerals and a low fat content. Many studies encourage the use of these by-products in the pharmaceutical industry as a basic natural drug product.

Consumption Tips

In the case of fatigue, bone weakness, and skin aging we recommend consuming heated banana as while cooking the banana the chemical process that results from the heat increases the count of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Wild bananas are richer with valuable nutrients than the commercial bananas.

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