Being Naked at Home is Actually Good for You

All human beings are different and because of that we perceive things differently, so when we see each other in the mirror and when someone looks at us the picture is completely different.

The way how we see us is not a simple reflection in the mirror, but as well as it is combined with our emotions, point of view and thoughts. This self-perception reflects our feelings to the way how we feel at the current moment and what our inner state of mind is. However, this thorough perception of ourselves and the time spent of self-reflecting things can lead to various complexities which can affect our moral. The bad part about this perception is that it can lead easily to depression and in worst case scenario making the affected person disabled in the performance of daily tasks.

As a result of that psychologists and researchers have tried to introduce ways that can be beneficial for the self-perception of a person and thus improve the perception of its image. This can be achieved through naturist activities based on newly performed research.

Naturism as a Method of Good Moral

A whole study was based on the influence of the naturist methods on good well-being reflected in better self-perception and self-esteem. These aspects are the key ones for improving our moral and quality of life.

The study was based on an online questionnaire which was conducted by 24 naturists and involved 100 participants. These participants were questioned regarding a naturist event that they have all experienced and their answers gave positive impression of the performed activities. The lead author of this study Dr. Keon West revealed that naturist activities offer a positive effect on the image of our body, self-esteem and general satisfaction.

According to Dr. West being naked promotes a good image and self-esteem and that offers a new zeal in life and better lifestyle. In fact, seeing the nudity of the other person can have only positive effects and the fact of being naked is completely neglected.

Naturism is a great method for better personal development, however there should be more detailed research on this issue so that all the benefits of naturism are determined and revealed.

Naturism – A Way of Life

Naturism has its own advantages but also disadvantages because as we mentioned before we are all different and we cannot all accept everything the same.

The basis of naturism is to achieve physical and mental well-being. It is a philosophy of life that includes human values like respecting yourself and the people around you.  It promotes tolerance and eliminating socio-economic barriers and also social limitations of a disability. Everyone should be accepted and not being judged thus easily being accepted by the entire society. It is believed that naturism promotes self-acceptance in adulthood particularly when practiced during childhood. For that reason, you can see how whole families along with their children take participation in these naturist activities. This is more common practice while they are on holidays.

Yet, this way of life is very difficult for some people to accept it in adulthood or even during childhood. In fact, this way of living may cause emotional suffering if it is imposed and not given the choice whether to implement it or not.

The testimony of a person who was obliged to take the ways of naturism as a child reveals how painful and suffering can be this way of life. He published his story in the magazine Psychologies. In his testimony he reveals how he experienced this way of living when he spent the holidays in a naturist campsite. When he was very young this way did not bother him at all, but when he reached his adolescence, in the period between 14 to 15 years, he experienced difficulties to practice nudist activities.

In this period of life his masculine features were more obvious which caused him complexities. Plus, adolescence is a period of time when the body develops both physically and psychologically. During this period the hormonal activity is intense and the sexuality of a person develops taking a more specific character. It is a sensitive period when you differently perceive your body and as well as the bodies of the other people which may result in developing complexities. Therefore, in this period practicing a naturist activity can cause a disruption as that is the period when especially boys are very sensitive regarding their body. Moreover, this gentleman had to hide the fact that he along with his family visit such camps so that to keep the reputation of his parents and to protect himself from the potential mockery of his friends.

It took him some time to accept himself the way he is and after some personal work and certain events, he finally managed to find pleasure in nudity, either solo or shared. Nonetheless, now as a parent he does not want to impose his own nudity on his children and leaves them the choice to decide whether it will suit them or not the naturist way of living.

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