Certain Common Pains are Directly Related to Your Emotions

People are more focused on their body when a certain pain starts to bother them, but somehow eliminate the fact that the mind, meaning their emotions can trigger physical pain. The body and our current emotions are very strongly related. Not only the muscular or organic pain can affect us emotionally, but as well as our feelings, thoughts and emotions can have a direct physical impact on our body. Several studies have proven this correlation.

We are constantly advised to eliminate negative emotions and thoughts if we want to preserve our overall health and well-being. If we cannot release them they are getting trapped in the body and trigger certain types of pain in various body parts.

Neck pain

A sore neck may indicate that you are being hard on yourself and others. Therefore, try to forgive and focus only on positive things in your life.


Stress is the main cause for this type of pain. Therefore, make sure to have a proper rest during the day and try to relax your body when coming back home from work. This will help you to alleviate the stress that was accumulated during the day.

Low back pain – lumbago

If you experience this type of pain, then it is most likely that it has been triggered due to money issues in your life. If at the moment your finances bother you, try to revise them and find the suitable solution for you so that to avoid the pain caused in this body part.

Painful shoulder

Aside the fact that this pain can be a result of a physical pressure, some emotions can cause its occurrence as well. These emotions can cause the weight and trigger the pain, and because of that you need to find a way how to release these emotions and share the burden of life with the others around you.

Knee pain

Knee pain cannot be only triggered by excessive body weight, but as well as from an oversized ego. You should try to be more modest and get closer to the people that surround you, but make sure to leave out your inappropriate behavior.

Bad upper back

This type of pain can be caused by being short of emotional support and feeling lonely. Lack of self-esteem and attention can lead to bad upper back. Therefore, try to remain positive and if you are a single person who has had bad experiences with the opposite sex, try to forget the bad parts and focus on the possible good things that for sure will come.

 Aches in the hip

This can be a result of you being too hesitant and thus not being able to go on further in life. Being cautious does not always mean staying still, but you have to make up your mind so that to move forward in life as time passes and it does not wait for us.

Painful elbows

Elbows that hurt can mean that you are too rigid towards changes in life. These changes are inevitable and because of that you need to accept them and as soon as you do that the better for you and for the people around you. Try to be more flexible so that you can enjoy life.

Aching hands

Hands that hurt are associated with serious communication problems which impede proper relations and interactions with other people. Try to be open and more amicable to the people around you in order to establish new social ties.

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