Chinese Medicine Tip: Press These Points on Your Palm to Relieve Any Pain

Experiencing pain most of the time can be very devastating and excruciating and because of that most people turn to the use of pain killers. However, these drugs are packed with harmful substances which on the long run can harm the overall body. Because of that many people are trying to find some natural solution for pain relief. In this article we shall present what the Chinese medicine can offer regarding this issue.

The Chinese alternative medicine suggests the use of “reflexology” and this relieve the ongoing pain. As per this traditional medicine each body part or organ is related to a certain point located in the hands or feet.

Hand Massage

This type of massage can bring many benefits to your body as in these body parts is the place where the nerve endings are located. According to Martina Krcmar, an author of the book “Palmar reflexology“: “The palms of the hands contain more than 3000 nerve endings, all related to the whole body.”

Our hands are reflex zones, and if we stimulate them by performing massages we will also succeed in stimulating the corresponding organs.

The hand is actually a mini-mapping of our whole body, and because of that massaging it offers a quick effect on the body. The implementation of a palmar reflexology will help you to relax all the tensions in the body accumulated over time and plus offer so many other benefits.

Health Benefits of Palmar Reflexology

  1. Great remedy against asthma or chronic bronchitis

If you suffer from the above mentioned conditions, then the performance of these massages will be of great help. All you need to do is to perform small rotary movements in the palm of the hand and at the same time making small pressure at specific points in order to obtain the optimal efficacy. The points that are related to the lungs are in the upper part of the middle finger and also in the wrist area below the thumb of each hand.

  1. Relieves sciatica

Sciatica is a condition caused by a pain that is localized in the sciatic nerve, in the lower back. Naturally, there are a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs that can assist with this pain, but palmar reflexology can also do the job and without any side effects. For that purpose, massage the area along the thumb bone to the place between the thumb and forefinger, and in this way you will alleviate the pain.

  1. Helps with allergies

Palmar reflexology can be very helpful in treating the symptoms and discomfort caused by many allergies like the ones triggered by pollen, dust, dust mites, animal hair and certain chemicals. Moreover, this massage can be performed at the comfort of your own home and all you need to know is the right pressure points all along your thumb. Therefore, make sure to use the thumb and forefinger of your left hand to massage up and down the thumb of your right hand and the other way round.

  1. Alleviates constipation

This type of reflexology is also very helpful in the case of constipation. So, if you are experiencing issues with this health condition, then you should stimulate the designated point with circular movements which is located at the level of the back of the hand, more precisely in the hollow located between the thumb and the index finger. This massage will stimulate the large intestine thereby unlocking it.

  1. Ally against stress

This method can be very helpful with our constant fight against stress. As mentioned before it can be administered by ourselves and for that we shall need only a few moments of our time. First we need to soften our wrists by clenching them and making circular motions. After that, we need to massage the top and the palm of each of our hands, including the fingers and their underside.

How to get the best results from palmar reflexology?

Make a pressure at the right area of ​​your hand for 5 seconds and after that release for 3 seconds, and then press again. In order to obtain optimal results, repeat this treatment for several minutes for a several times during the day.


Although very beneficial, palmar reflexology is not recommended if you have a wound or suffer from any skin infection. Likewise, this warning applies for ladies that are in their early pregnancy up to 3 months, and for people with cardiac problems or trauma.

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