Cut a Lemon in Quarters & Keep It in Your Bedroom… Here Is Why!

Lemon is an amazing citrus fruit offering a wide range of advantages when our health is concerned and as well as a great addition in many cosmetic products. But, have you been familiar with the fact that lemon can be a great household cleaning agent?

Follow reading and find out all unusual uses of lemon.

In order to obtain all the advantages it can offer you need to do a simple task, just place it next to your bed. For that purpose you need to cut three lemons in halves and then put them near your bed and leave them to stand for the whole night. Do this routine three daysconsecutively.

Putting Lemon next to Your Bed

  1. Fresh air

Not only that the air  in your bedroom will be refreshed , but as well as it will help with  the treatment of  breathing issues  as a result  of asthma and cold. If you have these symptoms, just place lemon halves near your bed and in the morning you will feel refreshed and much better.

  1. Quickly treats hangover and eliminates tiredness

Thanks to the great boost of the energy levels in your body you will feel refreshed and can fulfill all your upcoming daily tasks. After a night of partying you will not need to drink any energy drink, just use this trick and obtain all its amazing benefits.

According to Dr. J. V. Hebbar from the Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College the use of the essentiallemon oil will provide you with these incredible benefits:

Benefits of the Lemon Essential Oil

  1. Boosted immunity

The use of this oil will promote proper lymphatic drainage and can easily fight off flu or a common cold. Just combine it with coconut oil and then apply the mixture on your neck.

  1. Improves mood

This amazing oil will better your mood and free you from the depression and anxiety in your life.

  1. Whiter teeth

For getting that pearly smileyou need to combine lemon essential oil, coconut oil and baking soda. Apply the mixture onto your teeth by rubbing it for at least 2 minutes.

  1. Helps in weight loss 

The consumption of only two drops of lemon essential oil combined with a glass of water,three times a day can help you in losing weight. Thanks to this intake your metabolism will get boosted which will contribute to weight loss.

  1. Fresh Laundry

In order for you laundry to have that freshness you need to drop only one drop of lemon essential oil into your laundry washer where your clothes are placed.

  1. Perfectly clean hands 

Mix lemon essential oil with your regular soap and thus acquire perfectly clean hands.

  1. Wash your face

The use of this essential oil when washing your face will provide you with a soft skin and it will clean it deeply.  Just mix lemon, baking soda, and raw honey if you want to eliminate the acne on your face.

  1. Disinfection 

Lemon essential oil is a great disinfectant in the case of moldy shower. For that purpose you will need to add 40 drops of lemon oil, white vinegar and 20 drops of tea oil in a spray bottle, previously filled with 2/3 of water.

  1. Silver and wood polisher

You need to put a cloth in lemon oil and let it stand for few minutes. Use it to rub your silver and jewelry. You can as well as use it also for cleaning wood.

  1. Removes goo 

You can use it to remove gums and stickers left by your children.

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