Do You Know Why Drinking Lemon Water First Thing in the Morning is So Beneficial? Not Many Know the Real Health Benefits

The lemons are probably the most beneficial citrus fruit due to the valuable nutritional content. This fruit is packed with vitamin C, antioxidants which can fight off harmful free radicals, vitamin B, proteins, potassium, and flavonoids.

Here it is what Dr.Axe states regarding the nutritional value of lemon juice:

In only one cup of lemon juice there are the following nutrients:

  • 112 milligrams of vitamin C (187% of RDI)
  • 303 milligrams of potassium (9% of RDI)
  • 7 micrograms folate (8 percent RDI)
  • 1 milligrams of vitamin B6 (6% of RDI)
  • 1 milligrams of thiamin (5% of RDI)
  • 6 milligrams of magnesium (4% of RDI)
  • 1 milligrams of copper (4% of RDI)
  • 61 calories
  • 1 gram of dietary fiber
  • 21 grams of carbohydrates
  • 9 gram of protein

Plus, lemon juice has in its content some pantothenic acid, vitamin E, calcium and zinc.

Due to all these valuable nutrients you should make sure to consume lemon juice regularly, especially in the morning and thus reap all the amazing health benefits.

Health Benefits of Consuming Lemon Water Every Morning:

  1. Regulates blood sugar levels.
  2. Lowers pain and inflammation in the joints.
  3. Removes kidney stones as a result of the high potassium content.
  4. Soothes the pain resulting from gallbladder stones.
  5. Protects from common colds and the flu thanks to its powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  6. Boosts the immune system.
  7. Alleviates the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia and decreases fatigue.
  8. Prevents from food poisoning.
  9. Stimulates proper digestion and fights constipation.
  10. Soothes symptoms as a result of GERD.
  11. Battles inflammation and thus prevents many diseases thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory properties.
  12. Treats acne, clears skin and treats other skin issues.
  13. Relieves the pain in the muscles after a strenuous workout.
  14. Provides with stronger nails and removes any white spots on them.
  15. Prevents alcohol cravings.
  16. Helps with the weight loss as it has the ability to suppress appetite due to the high levels of pectin.

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