Eat 1 Banana and Drink a Glass of Warm Water in the Morning & See What Happens to Your Body

The most important meal of the day is for sure the breakfast which unfortunately most people tend to avoid it. This is so wrong as this meal offers the needed energy for the upcoming day. Many people replace it with a hot drink like coffee and go straight for the lunch. This habit is very harmful for your stomach and as well as for the overall well-being.

In this article we recommend you a super healthy breakfast that is very easy for preparation and because of that make sure to introduce it in your daily diet.

The importance of breakfast

If you avoid the breakfast your body will not get the needed nutrients which will not provide you with the boost of energy needed for every beginning of a working day. Plus, since you lack food from the start of the day you will be more prone to having snacks during the day and larger meals than usual. This will eventually lead to weight gain; excess pounds can only bring you certain health issues.

Therefore, we recommend an easy meal based on only one banana along with a glass of warm water.

There is no excuse now to avoid your breakfast as there isn’t any time for preparation or some hard cooking.  If you are a person that likes to sleep, and every minute is valuable for you, then this is the ideal breakfast for you. Going to work with an empty stomach is not an option as after the fasting period the body needs a new set of nutrients and vitamins for the upcoming day. They will offer the needed energy so that our body can work optimally during the day.

The banana is not a random choice as it is a fruit that offers so many advantages. The consumption of warm water is introduced by the traditional Ayurveda due to the numerous health benefits that can offer to the body.

The amazing benefits of banana

This tropical fruit offers a wide range of benefits for the body as it helps digestion and accelerates the rate of metabolism. Banana is high in valuable nutrients like the mineral potassium highly needed for good cardiovascular health. Plus, thanks to the content of this mineral the consumption of banana will elevate the concentration and lower stress. For that reason, it is of great essence to consume this fruit in the morning as a first meal. It is recommended for every generation, younger and older. It will as well as boost the emotional state of the person due to the content of a protein known as “tryptophan” which the body transforms into serotonin “the hormone of happiness”. In addition to this, this fruit is a natural anti acid and successfully treats the morning sickness, therefore highly beneficial for pregnant ladies.

The virtues of lukewarm water

The proper consumption of water is of great essence for the body and overall health. Yet, drinking warm, fasting water brings greater benefits for your body, especially when taken on waking up. Its consumption detoxes the body, enhances the metabolism, promotes good blood circulation by removing the waste and toxins thus clearing the blood from all the impurities, and aids in the weight loss process. The intake of warm water will help you to soothe pain like menstrual pain or joint and muscle pain.

The benefits of the banana breakfast with warm water

This breakfast will offer you numerous health advantages and as well as be of great assistance if you want to slim your body. Start every morning with the consumption of warm water as soon as you wake up which will optimize your basic metabolism and after that eat the banana which will offer the lasting feeling of satiety due to its high fiber content. However, in order to successfully lose weight, make sure to follow a healthy diet along with a regular physical activity and do not forget a good night sleep and in that way losing weight will no longer be an issue for you.

Have in mind that if you suffer from a liver disease, diabetes, or gallstones, you need to consult your doctor prior using this diet.

Remember having a breakfast is very important for your health and well-being therefore do not skip it anymore, and with this breakfast there is no need for such thing anymore.

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