Eating One Egg Daily Protects Your Heart, Improves Memory, Improves Eyesight & Much More…

The egg is considered to be a super food if it is organic and comes from chicken that lives outdoors on fresh air. Eggs contain a wide range of nutrients and several studies have shown their great benefits for the well-being of the human body. Latest studies have revealed that the consumption of eggs is very beneficial for the heart.

Egg Intake Positively Affects the Heart

As per a conducted study by scientists from America, eating chicken eggs and as well as their products is very beneficial for the brain vessels. Namely, the consumption of one egg a day is sufficient enough to lower the risk of stroke by 12% in the older generation.  According to researchers eggs have in their content antioxidants that reduce the level of oxygen pressure in cells and suppress the inflammatory processes.

Scientists performed various analyzes on the effects of various foods on the health of the heart and blood vessels. These analyzes were a result of conducted seven studies which revealed among all those foods that the eggs are an incredible source of protein that lowers vessel pressure.

As per the results of these analyzes, the intake of egg was linked to lower risk of stroke, and as well as with lower chances of developing coronary heart disease by 3 to 10%.

According to a released study in the medical journal Heart in May 2018 the consumption of eggs contributes to reduced death risk of stroke. This study involved analyzes of the dietary habits of 416,000 people who were at the age of 50 years old and did not suffer from any heart disease or diabetes. This comprehensive study was lead by a team of researchers who followed the health condition of these participants of a period of nine years. The findings of this study were that people who consumed eggs on regular basis had lower chances of stroke or heart disease compared to the others participants who did not eat eggs. Statistically, the group of people who consumed one egg per day was at 28% lower death risk of stroke and for 18% was less likely to die from heart disease.

The reason for this according to researchers is the fact that the egg has in its content nutrients that are beneficial for the health of the heart like folate and omega-3 fatty acids. These compounds have the ability to reduce blood triglyceride levels which is one of the main factors for the occurrence of a heart disease.

Eggs reveal high nutritional value as they have in their content a wide range of nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, B5, B9 and B12, proteins and also the beneficial compounds for our vision, lutein and zeaxanthin. Plus they are high in choline which is great for the health and brain development.

The major misbelief – high percentage of cholesterol in eggs is bad for your health

It is a fact that the egg yolk has in its content plenty of cholesterol, but this amount of cholesterol does not affect the level of cholesterol in our body. The cholesterol that is in the food and the one in the blood are not the same. The consumption of foods that contain cholesterol is not linked to bad blood cholesterol. This type of cholesterol results from the production of certain cells in our body and by the liver.

In fact, the consumption of eggs will promote the production of good cholesterol.

Low-density lipoproteins are the bad cholesterol type that clogs blood vessels and thus triggers various diseases. The consumption of eggs will help the liver to block the production of these lipoproteins, and as well help in the production of high density lipoproteins which are good cholesterol type that positively affect the health of the blood vessels and the heart as per a conducted 2015 Iranian study.

Thanks to the content of lutein the intake of one egg a day will help you to improve your vision. Plus it will boost the memory due to the presence of vitamin B. Thanks to its high nutritional value its consumption is a very beneficial food for pregnant women and fetus. According to a performed study at the Harvard University the rich content of carotenoids and vitamin A, C and E can protect against breast cancer.


You should consume eggs moderately as high intake of them can overburden your kidneys since they contain a lot of protein.

The consumption of raw white egg is not recommended for pregnant ladies since it contains avidin, a substance that binds to biotin of which pregnant women are often short of. On the other hand, the consumption of egg yolk is safe.

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