Forgetting Things is Actually a Sign You Are Unusually Intelligent, According to Science

You are forgetful and this may start to worry you, but no need as it can be a good thing. Forgetting things should not be always associated with dementia or Alzheimer’s as per a 2017 study.

In this released study in Neuron was proven that being forgetful is in fact a sign that your brain functions better than you think.

Therefore, if you are forgetting things it can only mean that you are intelligent and smart person. Regarding this issue a research team at the University of Toronto and SickKids Hospital tried to find out the relation between forgetfulness and brain health and function.

The best brain stimulation is learning new things, and in order for these new challenging things to be memorized the brain needs to find the needed space by forgetting some not very important things in life.

When you learn new things and information the brain spends lots of energy, and because of that some memories may be forgotten. These memories are not so important for you as if they were they would have stayed deep into your memory, plus there is no use of evoking old memories or trying to remember them when they were not important.

Scientists also confirm that being forgetful can be a result of having good reasons for it which can in fact come really handy.

Namely, as we are growing older we are all the time learning new things, which means that everything else is getting older and thus becomes less important and significant. Plus, the brain needs the space for the new important things and information. There is no need to bring up memories into your mind as they can only cause disturbances and you will not be able to cope with the new circumstances.The brain needs to forget the less important information so that to make the new information a priority.

Memory Loss versus Forgetting

You should be aware of the fact that there is a huge difference between memory loss and being forgetful.

However, in this hectic way of living it is a normal thing to forget your keys, a scheduled appointment, some information from previously read books, movies, conversations or some other not so important matter. You should not get agitated because of all that as it is simply nature and this can happen more often as we get older.

In fact, it can happen to anyone and it is not a clear indication of memory loss which is a key symptom of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Nonetheless, here are the symptoms of pathological memory loss:

  • Constantly forgetting daily things
  • Forgetting names of objects or people
  • Forgetting numbers
  • Forgetting important information from last conversations
  • Difficulty to follow simple conversations or events
  • Forgetting your sentences while speaking
  • Being lost in familiar places

If you think that you have some of these symptoms, then you should contact your doctor in order to determine the root of this issue,

Otherwise, you should not be nervous when forgetting simple thing. Do not always consider the worst case scenario as we are living in an era where we cannot be free of worries and anxiety. These modern lives are really challenging and because of that we sometimes forget things which are simple and not that important for our lives.

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