Here are 6 Simple Exercises to Kill the Pain in the Foot, Knee or Hip

Many people suffer from knee, ankle and hip pain which were previously treated with immobilization and rest. But, recently it was revealed that well-targeted physical activity is protecting the joints.

In fact, regular physical activity keeps muscle and neurological functions in good shape and thus protects the joints. If these exercises are combined with physiotherapy exercises, then this combo will be of great assistance in restoring the flexibility of the knees, ankles and hips and in that way lower the experienced pain.

Here are some of the beneficial exercises:

  1. Walking on your toes

This is probably the simplest exercise which does not require the use of any equipment. The best part about it is that it can be practiced anywhere. You should walk on your toes for at least five minutes, but you can go up to 15 minutes. Nonetheless, choose the timeframe that best suits you, or when feeling tired, stop and rest your feet.

  1. Heel lift

For this exercise you will need a chair. Take a standing position and then put your hands on the back of a chair and perform the following:

Start with bending the knee of the right leg backwards, and then elevate the heel of the left foot by tiptoeing. Next, slowly put down your heel to the floor. Do the same procedures with the other leg as well. Perform 10 – 15 repetitions.

  1. Ball rolls

The performance of this exercise will offer you a solid foot massage. Therefore, wrap a soft ball under the sole of your foot, and start pressing the ball with your foot. You should roll the ball back and forth for several times.

  1. Fold the toes

Fold and unfold your toes several times. Next, drop a pencil on the floor, and then try to lift it by using the toes of the right foot while trying to catch it. Once you have caught the pencil hold it for 10 seconds and after that release it. Do 5 repetitions of this movement, and then change the foot.

  1. Circular movements with the ankle

This movement can be done in a sitting position. Start with lifting your leg, and then turn the ankle of the foot 10 times in one direction by making circular motions. Next, change the direction of the ankle and rotate in the other direction. Perform the same exercise with the other foot.

  1. Stretch your leg by using a resistance band

For this movement you should need a fixed piece of furniture and also a resistance band. Then, wrap one end of the resistance band around a table leg, and put the other end of the band around the right foot. Next, put the left leg under the right leg that is attached to the band. In this position, shoot the right foot so that your toes are facing your face. Go back to the initial position.

Do 10 to 15 repetitions and do the same exercise with your other leg as well.

Foot massage

As a great addition to all these exercises is the performance of a foot massage. You can do it with your hands and for that purpose take your ankle with both hands and make circular movements in order to massage the joint. Likewise, you should massage the heels and thus alleviate your feet from the constant pressure of the body weight.

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