Here is How to Properly Use Sanitary Pads

Every woman has used a sanitary pad, at least couple of days in a month. Even though, you may think that you have been using in the right way, there is no harm in reading this article and find out whether your way is the right way.

Manual of Disposable Sanitary Pads

The market is packed with various kinds of sanitary pads, but the ones that are most common, differ in the adhesive part. There are two types: ones with an adhesive tape at the center that sticks to the underwear, and the other ones with wings on the sides thus offering better fixation on the panties. In general, the sanitary pad needs to be replaced with new one every two hours. Avoid having a sanitary pad over 8 hours in a row; this rule applies as well as for the use of tampons.

Effective Application of Sanitary Pads

Here is a guideline how to use them accordingly:

 Step 1 – First of all, prior use, you need to remove the packaging of the sanitary pad.

Step 2 – Sit on the toilet, and put your panties under the knees.

Step 3 – Now, fold the wings of the sanitary pad and then remove the tape from the entire length of the pad.

Step 4 – In this way put it on your panties and make sure that the adhesive part is stuck to your underwear. Now, wrap the wings around the panties so that they are staying there secure for the next two hours. Naturally, if you use special pads for g-strings you should place the widest part in the front of your underwear and the thinnest part at the back.

Step 5 – In order to be sure that the sanitary pad is placed correctly on the panties, you should perform a simple test: pull up your underwear and if the pad entirely covers the most intimate part of your body, then it is placed in the right way. If this is not the case, then the pad has to be moved a little upwards.

Step 6 – Make certain to check the status of your sanitary pad every two hours. If the surface is wet and no longer absorbs the menstrual blood, then you must replace it with a new one.

Step 7 – You have to be cautious when throwing it away in the garbage bin. The most appropriate way is to nicely wrap it in a toilet paper or special plastic bag, and then dispose it in the trash.

Manual of Washable Sanitary Napkins

This type of sanitary napkins is eco-friendly. Namely, 85% of the disposable sanitary pads, and also the tampons contain glyphosate, which is a weed killer known under the name Roundup by Monsanto, as per a 2015 scientific study conducted by Argentine researchers. So, if you opt for this type of sanitary napkins you will do something good for the environment and with that lower the buildup waste on the planet.

Tips How to Use Washable Sanitary Napkins

 These napkins are fully recyclable, which can contribute to a better budget and can be used up to 10 years. They are washable either by hand or placed in the washing machine on a low temperature.

Step 1 – In your bathroom, sit on the toilet and then put your pants just above your knees.

Step 2 – Position the sanitary napkin on your panties with the wings facing up.

Step 3 – Fold the wings of the sanitary napkin on the outer sides of the panties.

Step 4 – Just like the disposable sanitary check this napkin every two hours, and if the surface is wet and not absorbent change it with a clean one.

Step 5 – In this case you do not throw away the napkin, but soak it in soapy water in a resalable container so that you keep your privacy. Place them in a washing machine on a program that does not exceed 90°F and use your regular detergent.

Extra Tips:

Make sure to remove the disposable sanitary pads in a garbage bin with a lid, especially if you have pets in your home and this is a must as they are naturally attracted by the scent of the blood.

When changing sanitary napkins, make certain to wash the hands prior and after you have changed the napkin.

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