Here is the Official Amount of Sleep We Really Need Based on Our Age

The body needs its proper amount of sleep and it is a general belief that 8 hours are enough for a restful good night sleep in order for the body to function accordingly. While sleeping the body regenerates and every cell renews itself. If we do not have enough sleep certain issues will start to appear. But, what is enough sleep, as we mentioned it was recommended 7 to 8 hours to be enough, but according to a new study the amount of sleep depends on the person and as well as on its age.

Nonetheless, we all need to have a quality sleep in order to stay healthy and fit, but we need to determine what the sufficient quantity of sleep is that is required for our body.

Most people sleep enough and have that deep sleep but still do not feel rested. The most common reason for that is our exposure to screens before going to bed, and there is also the inevitable consumption of coffee or other beverages that contain caffeine in the late hours of the day. This just makes things worse and not allowing our body to get the needed rest.

A new sleep study releasing sleep recommendations

This study was conducted by a team of established scientists and researchers from the National Sleep Foundation in the United States lead by Dr. Charles, chair of the National Sleep Foundation’s board of directors. The findings of this new study are based on 2-year research. In this study the scientists have come up to the new sleep recommendations based on this comprehensive study.

The amount of sleeping hours needed for healthy and fit body

This research has determined the sleep ranges for every age group that offered the optimal sleep time. These patterns were modified by maximum and minimum sleep times to adapt to the peculiarities of each person. In order to determine the right sleeping mode one should pay close attention to its overall condition, mood, and productivity at school or work. Plus one should note how he or she responds during different sleep durations.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. See if you are still productive and alert after 7-hour sleep, or you need 9-hour sleep to be in a good shape.
  2. Do you feel sleepy from time to time?
  3. Do you need coffee to last during the day?

Here are the results of the panel:

According to Dr. Max Hirshkowitz, Chair of the National Sleep Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board:

“The public can be confident that these recommendations are the best guide to sleep time and health.”

For a better sleep quality, follow these tips:

– Make sure to sleep the same number of hours every night, follow this pattern on weekends as well.

– Follow a relaxing routine before going to sleep.

– Be physically active every day.

– Do not use electronics at least 2 hours before going to bed.

– Have good sleeping conditions: sleep in full darkness in quiet conditions, in an optimal room temperature, have good air quality, good mattress, and comfortable pillows.

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