Here is Why Blunt People are the Best Friends

Friendship is very important in human’s life as we are sociable beings that need interaction and communication. However, not every friend is a true friend as you may already know.

Did you know that blunt people are the best friends; you know the one that tells you the truth straightforward without going round the bush. We all need this tough love in certain moment in life and we always receive it from the blunt friend, which may be in the beginning distressful, but we immediately realize that it is better someone to tell us immediately then to wait and tell us the semi-truth.

According to psychology, these people who are brutally honest are in fact the best kinds of friends. Here it is what Crystal Woods says about friendship: “Ten minutes with a genuine friend is better than years spent with anyone less.”

Follow reading and find out some of the reasons why blunt people are better friends.

5 Reasons Why Blunt People are the Best Friends

  1. They tell you the truth although you do not want to hear it

They just tell the things just the way they are even though maybe at the moment you do not want to hear it. But, according to William B. Bradshaw, PhD blunt friends believe in telling “it as it is so people can deal with the very root of the situation.”

Do not mistake this with cruelty as really it isn’t. Maybe cruel are the people who avoid you to tell you the truth and leave you to suffer for alonger period of time. The tough love of a blunt friend is in fact extremely helpful making you deal with the current situation sooner and thus avoid all the negative consequences. We all need someone in life who will be honest knowing that he or she will never lie to us in life. In this relation you are sure what you are getting, which means there will be less uncertainty in the friendship. You will be always sure that your blunt friend is telling you the truth and you will always value his opinion.

  1. A blunt friend will not harm you by any means

This type of friend will not tolerate any mischief related to your persona and well-being. He will be there to protect you and he will be there right in the corner when you really need him. They are bald by default as they are the ones who are telling the truth. This friend will be by your side in the most critical situations in life, he will keep your back and support you all the way. If some other person tries to talk bad thing about you, your blunt friend will step forward and protect you.

  1. A blunt friend admits when he is wrong

As blunt they can be these friends are also very blunt about their mistakes as well. They admit when they have done something wrong and acknowledge their mistake and because of that they will immediately apologize. A friendship with a blunt friend is completely different; there are no arguments or discussions whether someone is right or not. The problem is solved immediately as they are not vain and know when they have done something wrong.

  1. This friend will tell immediately if he wants to be friend with you

Blunt friends never pretend with people who they want to be friends with. They immediately see you as their potential friend and tell you that they like you and thus initiate their friendship. In this case you are sure that this is a real friendship and that it will last for a lifetime. So, if someone like that encounters you in life do not discard him or her just because of their bluntness and not knowing the “pink” words. They are the true friends that every person needs in its lifetime.

  1. They push you to be better

We all have certain shortcomings in fact it is a human thing. But, it is always better when someone tell us what they are so that we can improve ourselves and thus become better persons or colleagues. A blunt friend will not hesitate to do that and since it comes from a person that always tells you the truth you will for sure accept it and do better.

According to a lifestyle and business expert Chalene Johnson these friends are the perfect person for you especially if you want some honest feedback and criticism. Here it is what she states: “When you surround yourself with friends like this, your life will completely change.  You become more positive, driven, and focused on your priorities.”

As we said before as human beings we need a variety of social interactions as that makes our survival easier. We are not saying that we do not need the kind and compassionatefriends, but as much as we need these friends we need also the ones that are blunt and forthcoming. These will keep our back all the time which will challenge us and thus makes us better human beings. Moreover, sociology also confirms this fact and because of that make sure to always a have a blunt person by your side all the time.

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