Here’s How to Eliminate the Bugs That Are Hiding in Your Bed

Bed bugs are a real nuisance if you have them in your home, and the worst part is that they can appear in your bed.

These tiny creatures can easily hide in every nook of the house and the bed frame is the ideal for that. These insects can infest really quickly if they find a suitable environment for multiplication.

These small creatures can be in your home and you may not even be aware of their existence. However, there are signs that can tell you that your home is being infested by bed bugs.

Here are some of them:

  • If you notice small black dots on your bed lining, then these are excrements of bed bugs.
  • If you have rust-colored stains on the mattresses or sheets, then these are signs of crushed bed bugs.
  • These insects leave eggs, shells and pale yellow skins during their growing process.

Facts that you need to know about bed bugs

  • Bed bugs are really tiny creatures as they are 5.08 mm long, resemble ticks but they have oval shape. They have no wings and are rusty in color.
  • They like also clean places, so it does not mean that bed bugs infest only dirty homes.
  • They thrive on the blood of the host (either animal or human) and can suck up blood 6 times more than their weight.
  • They can survive without food for months.
  • They leave marks on the skin, but most commonly they are confused with the ones of a mosquito.
  • They are night creatures.
  • They are very resistant since they can stay alive for months without food and can easily infest in various conditions.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

No one likes to have them in their home, therefore we need to remove them on time so that they do not infest rapidly.

Here it is what you need to do:

  1. Inspect every corner in your house

You need to find the places where they are hiding and for that purpose you should take a mirror and flashlight and inspect every nook in the house, especially the bed. Check every cavity and crevice, and as well as objects that you have in your home like for instance the map.

  1. Remove manually the visible ones

We do not recommend the use of insecticides and because of that remove each one that you can see by hand. Once capturing them, you can trap them with a tape, crush them in a tissue, or suck them.

  1. Regularly wash the bedding

Once you detect the existence of bed bugs wash everything that surrounds the bed, bed lining, pillows, stuffed animals, and make sure to use hot water because bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive the high temperatures.

  1. Freeze the things affected with bed bugs

Not all house items can be washed, and because of that you should freeze them. Place them in a bag and put them in your freezer. Extremely low temperatures destroy bed bugs.

  1. Vacuum regularly

Make sure to vacuum regularly and pay a special attention to every part of your sleeping area and everything that surrounds it. You should do this every day till the bed bugs are completely gone. Once you have finished the vacuuming, nicely close the bag containing the sucked insects and immediately dispose it outside the house.

  1. Use essential oils

Essential oils like orange oil, cedar oil, and tea tree oil are very helpful against bed bugs. Their use can help you to easily eliminate these creatures from your home. Combine one of the essential oils with water and with a spray bottle sprinkle the areas that are most likely affected with bed bugs.

  1. Try diatomaceous earth

Bed bugs cannot survive diatomaceous earth which is a powerful natural insecticide. Use it to sprinkle bed frames, mattresses and nearby carpets. After that use a vacuum cleaner to remove the excess of it.

  1. Have a tidy bed

If your bed is a real mess, then the bed bugs will have more potential hiding places. Therefore, make sure to tidy your bed and get it free of any build-up clutter.

  1. Prevention is the best method

This is always the best method against the appearance of bed bugs.

  • You should choose a waterproof bed mattress, especially the one designed against bugs, fleas, mites, and so on.
  • Fill in the bed gaps with caulking so that bugs cannot hide in these places.
  • Put bed bug traps under the feet of the bed which is simple and inexpensive. In this way you will check if there is any potential presence of bed bugs and thus prevent any possible invasion.

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