Here’s What the Shape of Your Lips Say About Your Personality

Most people are focusing on the eyes of a person, but the shape of the lips can also tell a lot about the character of a person.

The lip prints are as unique as our fingerprints, however in the case of lips they change in terms of shape and fullness as years go by. We use this facial feature constantly while eating, talking and naturally while kissing, but none of us considered the fact that its shape can tell a lot about a person.

Learning what the actual shape of lips means we can easily detect the character of a person. The lips differ in the shape of the upper lip, lower lip, outer and inner lip edges, outer right and left corners of the mouth, chin point, and upper lip points. This was fascinating fact for many researchers and they have analyzed comprehensively what each shape of the lip means.

What does the shape of your lips tell about you?

  • The shape of your upper lip points

Philium (upper lip points)is a term that reflects two shapes having the forms of the letters “V” or “U”. This refers to the upper lip centeredstraightunder the nose, where there is a channel from the nose to the center of the upper lip with a defined ridge shape.

The philium is the predominant lip shape feature which is commonly emphasized with makeup like lipstick. The philium has 10 distinct shapes and each shape is unique telling a lot about the character of the person.

What your lip shape will be like is determined by the lower and upper vermillion border of the lips. This represents the borderline between the facial skin below the nose and the vermillion zone of the upper lip. The shape of the upper vermillion lip border can be characterized with distinctive features which reflect what kind of person you are. For instance, the distinctive features mean the following:

  1. Butterfly shape with softer V peaks indicates a Kind Person
  2. Twin peaks (V shape)indicates a Creative Person
  3. Lip shape with uneven peaks indicates a Sensitive Person
  4. Flat shape with no points indicates a Logical Person
  5. U shape as suspension bridge indicates an Outgoing Person
  6. Shape as cantilever bridge with flat line between peaks indicates an Inquisitive Person
  7. Flying bird shape with outer edge of peak tapers to corner indicates a Nurturing Person
  8. Single curve as dome indicates an Outspoken Person
  9. Double convex with two rounded peaks indicates a Flirtatious Person

When studying the lip shapes and genetic markers, the researchers used a method of high-resolution 3D imaging in order to test the potential genetic relations of the lip with the other facial variations. While using this method, the researchers hoped that they would be able to predict genetic variations by facial shapes. This is the first study that offered strong evidence of the influence of the human gene, rs642961on the normal facial shape variation. This is very noticeable on persons with more protrusive and thicker lips. This gene is accountable also for the appearance of cleft lip shape, which is commonly corrected by reconstructive cosmetic surgery.

  • The shape of closed lip line

Once you close your lips without smiling a specific lip shape is being formed as a result of thecreated line between your lips. These different lip shapes portray certain characteristics of your persona. Here are to what researchers have come to as a conclusion:

  1. Straight lip line means that you are Trustworthy and Conservative
  2. Having a notch or deep wrinkle near the center means that you are Intellectual and Distinctive
  1. Upturned cloded lip line means that you are Generous and Attentive
  2. Downturned closed lip line means that you are Moodyand Self-focused
  3. Sinuous or curvy lip line means that you are Graceful and Sensuous
  • The shape of your upper vs. lower lip size
  1. Upper and lower lips equal size indicate Focused, Practical, and Impartial Person
  2. Larger lower lip than upper lip indicateImaginative, Adventurous, and Pleasure-seeking Person
  3. Larger upper lip than lower lip indicate Leader, Charismatic, and Talkative Person

As per the research in the journal Plastic Surgery International,lip size may influence the smile of an individual. People with a thinner upper lip when smiling show more of their teeth and also have a higher smile when compared to persons with thicker lips.

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