Here’s Why You Should Place Chunks of Irish Spring Soap All Around Your Garden

A bar of soap is something that every house has and we all use it to wash our hands with. But, a bar of soap can offer even more not just a hand sanitization. Follow reading and find out the other uses as well.

For instance, the Irish Spring Soap can act as a gardenair-freshener and a garden pest deterrent at the same time. Something like that probably has never occurred to you, has it?

The scent of the soap is not the favorite one to animals like herbivores, including deer which will for sure deter them from eating your valuable produce. Likewise, this intense smell is something that all kinds of crawlies and insects detest.

These animals and insects find the smell of the soap appalling which will keep them at bay at the most natural ways.

Therefore, cut the soap bar into chunks and then put them into a pair of old socks. Place these soap-socks everywhere in your garden and in that way your uninvited guests will stay away.

For best results, plant mini fences around the garden and then distribute chunks of this soap.

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