Here’s Why You Should Start Putting Essential Oils on Your Feet Every Night

The use of essential oils is very beneficial in many aspects of life. The most common use is the aromatherapy which will offer great benefits for you overall health due to the ability of offering intense relaxing and calming properties.

However, aside this use of the essential oils, their use can offer many other benefits like boosting your sleep quality. This can be easily achieved if you rub some of the essential oils on your feet before going to bed. As per many renowned reflexologists, this application of essential oils will offer a good night sleep.

Namely, the soles of the feet have 5 skin layers and no hair follicles, and because of that the skin pores are very absorbent quickly taking the essential oil into the bloodstream. This is so quick process that many studies have revealed that once the essential oil is applied onto the foot, in less than 20 minutes the traces of the essential oil are everywhere found in the body. It is really fast as a result of lack of sebaceous glands in the palms and soles. These glands are accountable for the sebum production, an oily substance that protects and weakens the skin’s ability to absorb foreign materials. The palms and the soles are the only body parts which do not have these glands.

The foot is packed with nerve ending, namely each foot has over 72,000 nerve endings which is more per square centimeter than any other body part. The traditional East Asian medicine was well aware of this fact and because of that they treated numerous diseases by stimulating certain foot points. This healing tradition is known as reflexology. This method was performed by this medicine as it believes that body organs and systems are related via meridians of energy which end in the feet, hands, ears and face. If you stimulate certain points in these body areas you will manage to relieve various health issues.

Therefore, according to reflexology the application of essential oils on the feet aids the beneficial properties of the oil to reach the various body organs and systems and thus become of great assistance in the healing process.

Note that some essential oils are very concentrated; therefore they should not be used straight on the skin but diluted in water or coconut oil. In this way the risk of swelling or irritations is drastically reduced.

However, since the application is done on the feet, here the skin is the least sensitive, and because of that you can directly apply the essential oils. This topical use will assist the active compounds of the essential oils to go directly into the bloodstream which cannot be done if they are ingested as in that case they are going through the digestive system and the liver.

Nonetheless, we advise you to consult a naturopath about the use of the type of the essential oil that best suits for the treatment of your health issue.

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