Ideal Breakfast to Boost Your Metabolism and Start Losing Weight Faster Than You Expect

Without doubt the most important meal of the day is the breakfast; therefore you should never skip it, especially if you want to lose weight. However, this meal needs to be healthy and nutritious, and in that way it will offer the needed energy for the upcoming day.

The intake of this meal will boost your metabolism thus helping you in efficiently losing weight and preventing all those unhealthy cravings during the day.

What is an ideal breakfast?

According to a newly performed study released in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism the ideal breakfast would be oatmeal.  In this study participated 36 men and women, who were divided into 3 groups. Each one of the involved participant was obliged to take in 350 calories on daily basis. However, the first group consumed oatmeal, the second one cornflakes and the third one drank only water for breakfast. The lunch was same for every group of participants.

The involved participants had the task to record their level of satiety in the next 3 hours. On the other hand, the researchers analyzed their blood samples so that they could evaluate their blood sugar and insulin levels.

The results showed that the first group who consumed 31% fewer calories for lunch reported fewer cravings during the morning and afternoon. The oatmeal was proven to be the most beneficial for people wanting to lose weight because they consumed 50% fewer calories for lunch. The participants from the second and third group were hungry after 3 hours.

Why oatmeal?

The reason why oatmeal is the ideal breakfast is the fact that oatmeal stays longer in the stomach which is not the case when consuming cornflakes that increase blood glucose levels, and after their consumption the person experiences a sudden drop in sugar.

The findings of this study were also confirmed by other performed studies as well. Namely, the intake of oatmeal as a first meal of the day helps in weight loss and lowers the calorie intake by 31 to 50%. Plus the positive effects of this consumption are long- lasting.

Oats are really tasty and above all healthy easily included in various dishes. They are packed with a wide range of nutrients and provide many health benefits, like the following ones:

Benefits of Oats

  1. Reduce blood pressure

Thanks to the content of lignan, a vegetable fiber, oats can successfully regulate the blood pressure. Moreover, if they are consumed on regular basis they can lower blood pressure by 30%.

  1. Lower cholesterol

Oats are packed with fiber and thus being able to bind to fat in the body which decreases the bad- LDL cholesterol. The consumption of oatmeal will substantially reduce the risk of a heart disease, stroke, heart failure, and as well as maintains the heart and blood vessels in good shape.

  1. Offer the feeling of satiety

Due to the rich content of fiber the feeling of fullness is present and thereby the occurrence of cravings prevented. Fiber aids the body’s digestion and in that way supports the weight loss.

  1. Lower the risk of cancer

According to the released study in the British Medical Journal oats reduce the risk of breast, prostate, colon, and ovarian cancers.

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