If You Often Wake Up Between 3 & 5 O’clock in the Morning, It Means That You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening

Sleeping is very important for the body both mentally and physically as during this period the body regenerates itself so that it functions accordingly. However, our good night sleep can be disturbed during certain periods at night and when such thing happens and always at the same time, then this can indicate a spiritual awakening.

As per the beliefs of the ancient Chinese medicine, the nocturnal awakening that happens at the same time can indicate a blockage of the body’s energy. This medicine believes that the vital energy of the body circulates via energy channels known as meridians, and it can get activated at various times of the day.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine the body finds its ideal balance when it offers two hours of energy to each vital organ like the lungs, liver, stomach, large intestine, or gall bladder. The two hours offer a relation of this organ to the spiritual well-being.

Here it is what it means if you wake up at a certain period of time during the night:

Between 9 pm and 10 pm

This period should be bedtime for most of the people. However, if you cannot fall asleep or having issues to fall asleep, then this could mean that you have been overstressed during the day. You can relax by introducing meditation as a habit or implement slow breathing in order to relax your body.

Between 23 pm and 1 am

If you suddenly wake up in this period of the night then this suggests disturbance of the energy meridian of the gallbladder which is linked to various feelings, but particularly to the feeling of disappointment. In order to set yourself free from these emotions you should offer forgiveness to those people who have hurt you, but especially you should forgive yourself for the things you have done and to accept yourself to the way you are.

Between 1 am and 3 am

In this period of time the meridian of energy that is linked to the liver is being blocked which results from the feeling of anger. During this period of time you should simply drink a glass of fresh water and try to acknowledge the right reason for your anger and find a way how to control it so that you can sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.

Between 3 am and 5 am

Waking up in this timeframe is related to experiencing sadness. This is the period when the energy meridian flows to the lungs, but if it is disrupted by feelings of sadness you will wake up and have difficulties to fall asleep. You can try slow breathing exercises in order to restore your sleep.

It is believed that this waking up in certain periods of night may reveal some divine energy which could be very helpful for your life as it may make you carefully consider the thoughts and messages the moment that have come to your mind.

Between 5 am and 7 am

This is the period of the energy meridian related to the large intestine. So this blockage can be removed if you practice muscular stretching.

Health Consequences of Sleep Shortage

If the waking up becomes often and your body does not get its needed sleep time, then this could affect the physiological and psychological aspects of your health.

Here it is how lack of sleep can affect your body:

Mood and low energy, according to a conducted study by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Baltimore, lack of sleep considerably can affect your mood making you grumpy and anxious whole day. Since you have not slept enough during the night you will suffer from low energy levels in your working day thus making it difficult to focus and learn new things.

If this issue persists for a longer period of time, then it is most likely that you will experience issues with your blood pressure, weight, and moral. Children with this issue may experience growth problems.

Tips How to Quickly Get Back to Sleep

  1. Keep the night mode

If you wake up do not turn on the lights in the house, but use bedside lamps that are less powerful which will keep your mind in “night mode”.

  1. Avoid brain activity

Try to avoid thoughts that may occupy your mind and in that way put your brain into action. If this happens there is no chance to fall asleep again.

  1. Get up from the bed

If you cannot fall asleep again, there is no use in staying in bed, but it is better to get up from bed and try to read a book which may make you sleepy.

  1. Consume a hot beverage

You can drink some soothing warm beverage like lavender, chamomile, or verbena.

  1. Wear socks

You should try to wear a pair of socks and in that way regulate the body temperature so that the temperature of your extremities gets higher and thus promote a good sleep.

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