If Your Fridge is Too Small, Here Are 15 Products That You Can Safely Remove to Save Space

Keeping our foods fresh for a longer period of time is everyone’s goal, but unfortunately many of us do not know how to preserve different foods.

Most commonly people put most of the products in the fridge, but some foods should not be kept in it as they can stay good at room temperatures as well. If you learn which foods where to store, then you can organize your kitchen and fridge much better.

15 Food Items that Do Not Need to be Refrigerated

  1. Garlic

This food product by all means should not be kept in the fridge, and if you have already done it you know what will happen to the whole interior of your fridge. It is best kept in the open air; hence keep it in a small ventilated basket.

  1. Ground coffee

Ground coffee and as for that matter coffee beans should not be stored in the fridge as in this way their moisture content will get elevated thus greatly affecting their taste and accelerating the process of decay. For that reason, put them in an airtight box and away from heat.

  1. Basil and spices

If you put basil and spices in the fridge you will destroy their original flavors. The best place to keep them is in your cupboards. If you want the basil to stay fresh for a longer period of time, then you should keep it in a vase, but make sure to change the water on regular basis.

  1. Honey

If you keep it in the fridge the honey sugar will get crystallized. But, if kept in a cupboard, it can stay for months, and even years.

  1. Bread and pastries

If you put cakes, bread, and cookies in the fridge, you will in fact speed up their expiration date. They should be kept at room temperature placed in airtight containers.

  1. Potatoes, tomatoes and onions

Keeping these veggies in the refrigerator will alter their flavor and as well as their consistency. Namely, if you keep potatoes in the fridge the starches will turn into sugar, and thus change their flavor. Therefore, it is best to keep them in a vegetable basket in order to preserve their taste.

  1. Peppers

Whole peppers do not need to be kept in the fridge; all you need is a vegetable basket.

  1. Avocado and stone fruits

Stone fruits and avocado continue to ripen after being picked, and because of that they should not be refrigerated. They need the air and light in order to ripe properly, therefore place them in a dish or basket getting the needed air and daylight so that they become softer and juicier with all their flavors.

  1. Melons

Although it is a common thing to chill the melons try not to do that as that makes them to lose their valuable antioxidants. These substances are very important for our health as they can offer us plenty of health benefits. Therefore, prior their consumption, take them out from the fridge and then consume them.

  1. Red fruits and berries

Keeping red fruits and berries in the fridge will only speed up the rate at which they will deteriorate.

  1. Soy sauce, hot sauce and vinaigrette

Soy sauce can be easily kept a room temperature due to the salt content it will not get spoiled. On the other hand, hot sauces and dressing will lose their original taste if stored in the cold. Moreover, the hot sauces will lose their initial consistency and the zest will not be the same anymore.

  1. Butter

If you consume butter every day, then it is most likely that you will use it in two weeks which is the timeframe for keeping butter at a room temperature in an airtight container. Plus, it will be smoother and easier to spread on a piece of toast.

  1. Oils

Only the nut oil should be kept in the fridge, every other oil will get thicker as a result of the coldness and it will lose their softness.

  1. Nuts and peanut butter

Make certain to keep hazelnuts, nuts, almonds, and other nuts at room temperature. This also applies for peanut butter.

  1. Vinegar, pickles, and ketchup

Vinegar can stay good for many months if kept in a dark closet. On the other hand, pickles contain plenty of salt and brine so that they do not need the cold. Ketchup can be kept in the fridge but it does not make any difference in the expiration date if it is kept at a room temperature as well.

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