It’s Now Possible to Detect Cancer in 10 Minutes with Simple Blood Test

A simple blood test can easily detect cancer as per the findings of scientists. Early treatment is very important for full recovery of this disease. This blood test can determine the existence of the disease before its development as this analysis can detect the existence of small pieces of DNA floating in the vessels which are an obvious sign of tumors.

As per Professor Matt Trau, from the University of Queensland (Australia), this would be the “holy grail” of cancer tests. The efficacy rate is incredible 99%, and it is more effective than the MRI that does not detect small tumors, which is very important if they are detected when small thus the treatment can be 100% effective.

This is incredible news for the cancer patients which number increases every year. Namely, as per the statistics of WHO – World Health Organization in 2018 there have been reported 17 million new cases, and 8.8 million people did not survive this terminal disease in 2015.

The results of this amazing study were released in the journal Nature Communication explaining how this test functions:  exploiting the difference between the DNA of the good healthy cells and the cancer cells and thus offering a quick diagnosis. According to researchers the genome of the cancer cells was sterile unless there were methyl groups at specific locations.

Matt Trau believes that in time even the smart phones can detect this abnormality in cells and thus the treatment can be sooner applied. He states: “It works for tissue-derived genomic DNA and blood-derived free-flowing DNA. As this type of testing is not yet fully developed, it will still be years before it can be established in medical facilities.

Prevention is always the best remedy for any disease, and this also applies for the cancer. There are certain things and activities in life that you need to eliminate in order to prevent its occurrence.

Tips How to Avoid Cancer

  1. Healthy lifestyle

Keeping a healthy weight index along with practicing a regular physical activity is a way how to protect your body from cancer. Obesity takes a key role in developing cancer as per the British Cancer Research Center. Therefore, you need to regularly exercise every day, for instance half an hour a day which would be enough to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Healthy diet

Following a healthy and balanced diet is a must and even though it cannot for sure be the guaranteed prevention, the fact remains that the risk will be substantially lower. According to many performed studies the high consumption of fruits and vegetables lower the chances of developing a tumor. Likewise, you should exclude or at least limit the intake of processed meats and alcohol.

  1. Sun protection

You need to protect your body from the UV rays of the sun and thus prevent several types of cancers. Hence, make sure to avoid the midday sun, UV cabins, and to always apply sunscreen.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking is one of the lead causes of this disease and can trigger different types of cancer like lung, mouth, throat, larynx or pancreas cancer. Have in mind that people who are near a smoker are also at risk of developing cancer. Therefore, by all means you should stop this nasty habit and thus protect your body from the influence of the cigarette fumes.

  1. Avoid risky behavior

If you protect your body from other infections you are in a way protecting it from the onset of cancer. You should protect yourself while having a sexual intercourse in order to avoid unwanted infections. People who are with risky behaviors can easily catch infections and are at higher risk of developing throat, anus, or vagina cancer.

Likewise, you should never use syringe that has been previously used by other person as that can bring only harm to your body like hepatitis C which is a risk factor for liver cancer.

  1. Get vaccinated

There are vaccines that can protect your body from certain viral infections like for instance Hepatitis B. This disease can elevate the chances of developing cancer.

It is a wise choice to also get vaccinated against the human papillomavirus and in that way avoid cancerous genital conditions.

  1. Regular check-ups

These check-ups will be of great assistance for early detection of possible ailments which can literally save your life. Therefore, make sure to consult your doctor regarding your health so that he can do regular tests.

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