Just 1 Cup of This Honey Milk Will Put You to Sleep Instantly!

Sleeping issues are a key problem for many people all over the world which eventually results in insomnia. This condition very much influences the performance of daily and working tasks, in fact it is believed that around $63 billion are being lost in terms of work performance on yearly basis.

Many people facing with this issue turn to the use of prescribed drugs, however these pharmaceutical drugs are accompanied with adverse effects like dizziness, heartburns, attention issues, and constipation. Moreover, they can cause an addiction.

Therefore, you should turn to the use of the natural alternatives that can be very effective in the fight against insomnia. They are all-natural causing no side effects but providing you with a good night sleep.

Here is the recipe:

Natural Sleep Aid Remedy

Needed Ingredients:

  • 6 ounces of organic milk (hormone- free)
  • 1 drop of pure vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon of honey


First place the milk on heat, but before reaching its boiling point pour it warm into a glass. Next, include the vanilla and honey and stir the solution nicely. Sip your milk before going to sleep.

This recipe is so effective thanks to the influence of the amazing properties of the included ingredients which relax the body making it easy to fall asleep.

Powerful Ingredients:


Milk is rich in protein and contains tryptophan, an amino acid which promotes sleep. Its consumption will support the serotonin and melatonin production which will produce mild sedative effects.

Pure Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is also very helpful for improving the sleeping patterns. You are well aware that insomnia gets worsened by all those racing thoughts before bedtime, and because of that our mind needs to get relaxed before going to sleep.

Vanilla aroma can relax the mind according to a conducted study in 1991 which involved the performance of tests based on MRI scans of 85 participants. Each one of the participants showed substantial amounts of brain activity related to relaxation and decreased anxiety.

Another reason for the appearance of insomnia can be a result of a respiratory illness such as sleep apnea, and vanilla can be of great assistance. According to a French study vanilla exposure even in the very first days of use lowers the episodes of sleep apnea by 36%.


This bee product contains powerful rest-improving properties as per a newly placebo-controlled study. In fact, honey supports the glycogen production, a vital compound for the adequate function of the liver while we rest.

The levels of glycogen are getting decreased during the day and that it might trigger the brain to wake up resulting in food cravings for glycogen during the night. In addition to this, honey stimulates a chemical reaction which betters the melatonin release in the brain.

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