Just Put This 2 Ingredient Mix in the Corners of Your House & All the Cockroaches Will Die the Next Day!

Cockroaches are the worst nightmare for any home, not only that they look appalling but as well as they are very difficult to repel.

They are very active, especially at night appearing everywhere in the house, but mostly they like the dark corners. The worst part about these disgusting insects is that they can carry various harmful diseases.

As a result of that there are a wide range of products promising effective removal of cockroaches, but they do not offer long-lasting results, and not to mention the fact that they are not cheap. Moreover, they contain harmful chemicals which can endanger our health.

There are many ways how you can remove these pests from your home, and one of them is the following one:

Combination of Borax and Sugar

Borax is an extremely effective product in the removal of cockroaches and plus it keeps them away from your home. The use of this chemical will literally dehydrate the exosceleton of insects, and thus damage their digestive system. Very soon the insects will die and your home will become free of bugs.

The use of borax will be more effective if you combine it with sugar which will attract the sweetness of the sugar thus making this method more effective capturing more cockroaches.

The optimal ratio of this combo is 3:1, borax and sugar.

Mix both ingredients and spread the resulting mixture on the areas where cockroaches are more frequently moving. Have in mind not to forget to wear gloves while distributing the mixture.

The following morning there will be dead cockroaches all around the home which you should clean them up. Perform the same procedure after a few days.

The borax can be replaced with baking soda or boric acid.

Note: This combo is not recommended if you have in your home small children or pets.

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