Making Love Is a Cure for Flu & Colds

Making love is what makes us human and it is very beneficial for our health which has been confirmed by many studies.

The natural desire for making love and the pleasure we feel when we fulfill it makes us happy. This pleasure and happiness enhances our immunity which makes our body more resistant to winter diseases. According to a study by Wilkes-Barre University in Pennsylvania, which was released by Psychology Today, reveals that sex decreases the risk of catching colds and flu.

Psychologists Carl Charnetski and Francis Brennan have released their reports in SAGE Journals which have revealed that the frequency of sex incites the immune system for better prevention against colds and flu. This has been also confirmed by a sexual health expert Yvonne K. Fulbright who maintains that sexually active people take fewer sick days.

According to a conducted study in which took participation 111 students, divided in three groups consisted of 44 men and 67 women, was determined how the frequency of sex can influence our body.

Each participant had to answer about their sexual frequency with their partner. The first group had sex less than once a week; and the second once to twice a week and the third one, three or more times a week. Not only was the frequency tested but as well as the duration of the sexual intercourse and pleasure that offered.

In addition to this, the participants have given saliva samples which were used to determine the antigen salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is the body’s defense rate against the influenza virus. If it is more present in the body, then the person is less likely to catch flu or a common cold. IgA is an antibody which prevents diseases and defends the body against the human papillomavirus or HPV.

The study revealed that the group that had more sex their IgA was higher for 30% more than the other participants. In addition to this, it was revealed that the people who had higher sexual satisfaction the level of IgA was higher in saliva.

In addition to this, the hormone oxytocin known as the “hug hormone” reaches its peak in the blood at the time of orgasm. The presence of oxytocin in the body will protect you against several diseases and one of them is breast cancer. Yet, BBC News released a report that too much anxiety and stress can annihilate the benefits of sexual intercourse.

How making love boosts the immunity?

The social life of a person very much influences its health. Namely, relationship based on love and fulfilled with intense sexual activity offers relaxation and social support that your body reflects in better immunity. When making love is combined with meditation, then the immune system gets all the benefits.

As a result of that psychologists from Washington State University have demonstrated the stimulating effect of the visual meditation on elevating the count of white blood cells. This was revealed on blood analyses on people that practiced meditation and their number of white blood cells was higher when compared to the ones who did not practice meditation.

Social support is also very important for better immunity according to a conducted study by Dr. Cohen. In this study were involved 276 participants with good health who were infected with the influenza virus and in that way their resistance was tested to the virus in correlation with social support. The results of this study showed that the participants who met more people and had physical contact during this period were the least likely to develop the symptoms of this virus.

Due to these results Dr. Cohen along with his team concluded that hugging is very beneficial for the people as a form of social support. If a person has a social support in its life, then the chances of catching a flu or cold are low. The presence of social support substantially lowers the risk of infections and stress which eventually lead to weak immune system.

These conclusions came along in cooperation with the International Journal of Yoga, and were released on NCBI. One of these conclusions was that the management of stress in daily life can lower the activity of the endocrine system, which on the other hand will elevate the efficiency of the immune system. In order to reduce the stress in everyday life, several strategies have been used like hypnosis and relaxation and thus people successfully counter the effects of stress.

Therefore, you should not deprive yourself of hugs, love and sex as they are the essence of our life and health both emotionally and physically.

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