Natural Way to Lose Weight with Half a Lemon a Day

Lemon is the most beneficial citrus fruit and many people are aware of its amazing benefits which are result of the antibacterial and antiviral action. For that reason it has been used for centuries in the treatment of various ailments. It stimulates the work of the immune system that protects the body against various ailments.

However, this amazing fruit takes a great role in the fight against excess pounds. The consumption of lemon water can help you to substantially slim your body figure.

 The health benefits of lemon

Lemon has in its content substances like citric acid, limonene, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium bioflavonoids, polyphenols, and pectin which enhance the immunity and thus protect the body from various viruses and at the same time fight infections.

The health advantages of the intake of lemon water

Drinking lemon water as a first drink in the morning will bring to your body numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Helps digestion by removing waste and toxins and at the same time stimulates the liver to produce bile which is vital for proper digestion;
  • Boosts the function of the immune system due to the presence of vitamin C which is very beneficial in the battle against various winter diseases;
  • Improves the function of the nervous system as a result of the high content of potassium, and as well as controls the arterial pressure;
  • Acts as a diuretic by elevating the amount of urine in the body and assists in liver detox thanks to the content of citric acid;
  • Betters the quality of the skin due to the content of vitamin C and antioxidants. The intake of lemon water will remove the wrinkles and spots from the face and keep a glowing skin by acting from inside;
  • Boosts energy levels and revitalize the body;
  • The lemon aroma will contribute to good mood by lowering anxiety and stress;
  • Treats foul breath and alleviates dental pains.

Lemon water consumption for weight loss

In order to obtain all amazing benefits that lemon water offers you need to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. If you do this then you will substantially help the weight loss process. This beverage has only six calories and that makes it very beneficial for losing those extra pounds.

According to a conducted study the content of pectin in the lemon will offer satiation if you consume this beverage every day. Experiencing satiation will make you less prone to the excessive consumption of foods which will protect you from extra weight.

Other study released in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition maintains that the presence of polyphenols in lemon helped to decreased obesity in mice which were on a diet rich in fat. Plus, the content of polyphenols can enhance insulin resistance by modulating lipid metabolism.

The benefits of the lemon in the weight process has been as well as revealed in Theresa Cheung’s book, The Lemon Juice Diet. The main principle of this diet with lemon juice is to boost the body’s metabolism and thus accelerate the process of weight loss.

Preparation of lemon water

Take one lemon and then cut it in half. Use one half to squeeze out the juice into a cup of warm water. The water needs to be warmed so that the body does not need to waste energy on heating the liquid and in that way immediately start the digestive process.


Drink it at once and on an empty stomach every morning.

If you regularly drink warm lemon water as a first drink in the morning you will manage to activate your metabolism and stimulate work of the digestive system before the calories have an effect on the body.


People who experience issues with citrus allergies, heartburn, gastric reflux, kidney concerns, gall bladder or citrus allergies should ask for an advice from their doctor prior using this method.

Be aware of the fact that the lemon contains citric acid which can damage the tooth enamel, and because of that you should rinse your mouth with pure water after you have drunk the lemon beverage.

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