Natural Way to Say Goodbye to Back Pain. This Herb Has Been Used to Treat Back Pain for Over 120 Years!

Low back pain which is recognized under the names of lumbago, hexen schuss, or witch stab is a common issue for millions of people.

The spine has many functions, but it is very susceptible to damage as a result of the persistent mechanical action of the load such as bending, strain, pressure, shear, twisting, and so on.

Each one of the vertebrae of the spine is linked to most of the nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and ligaments, holding it together. On the other hand, the nerve roots of the legs and arms, along with the spinal cord which passes through the spine canal, secure the upright posture of the body.

Each part of the spine creates a different range of motion such as the high mobility of the neck, and the low mobility of the breast area. In certain cases, the transition from one to another part of the spine can lead to degenerative changes that cause a rather harsh pain.

People that are most susceptible to low back pain are the ones with hard physical or sitting jobs;then patients with congenital spine anomalies or spine injuries, patients struggling with osteoporosis and older men undergoing the degenerative process.

Herb Comfrey

This herb has been proven to be very beneficial in the case of patients suffering from low back pain issues. This herb contains hairy leaves and a big root similar to beets. It grows on wet fields, ditches near water, and meadows.

This is a well-known herb existing since ancient times and has been frequently used due to its powerful medicinal properties. It can be used as a gel and in that case it relieves the pain caused by a joint dislocation in the knee and osteoarthritis.

According to the findings of a released study at the German Sports University this herb has been an efficient remedy for 120 people with lower and upper back pain. Each one of the involved participants in this study applied an ointment of comfrey root extract for 5 days in a row. All of them reported a significant relief in the intensity of the pain.

However, have in mind not to use it in the form of capsules and supplements because it can lead to liver damage.

If you are dealing with back pain, then you should always be physically active. You can as well as try some stretching exercises that can offer quick relief, like the following one:

Supine Hamstring Stretch

Take a lying position on your back, then place a rolled-up towel or strap around the ball of the foot bending the right knee into the chest. Next, push the leg toward the ceiling in a straight line, and start pressing out through both heels. If you experience that the lower back is being strained, bend the left knee and place the foot on the floor.

Keep this position for 3 to 5 minutes and then repeat the same procedure with the other leg as well.

You should perform this stretching exercise every day in order to reap all its beneficial effects.

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