Palm Reading: If These 2 Lines on Your Palms are Aligned, You Are Very Special!

Our hands can tell a lot about our personality, goals in life, what future brings and fortune.

The practice of palm reading has existed since ancient times originating from India and then spreading all over Asia, Europe, and North America.

This ancient art today is referred as palmistry, a method that analyzes the lines on our palms that can tell many things about the person and its future.

Here it is what some of these lines really mean:

When the right handed line is higher

As per some palm readers “the left is what the gods give you, the right is what you do with it”. Namely, the left hand reveals potential, and the right hand tells what you have done in life with that potential. The right hand shows how we deal on daily basis with the outer world, like for instance with our co-workers, acquaintances, and the public in general. Likewise, it tells us how we want to be seen by other people.

You should know that there are four major types of hands, which relate to the elements.

When the left handed line is higher

For men, the left hand is what you are born with, and the right is what you have done with your life.

On the other hand, for women, the right hand is what you are born with, and left is what you have done with your life.

When the left handed line is higher, then this means that these people are very beautiful and attractive.

When both lines are ideally aligned

The most important line on your palm is the Life Line telling how well you bounce back after the hardships that life gives. Plus, your physical vitality and life energy are being shown in this line and area of the hand.

Other palm readings

If you have cold hands, then you are reserved, generous, and a bit of a hermit. On the other hand, hot hands mean that you are wild and successful, but as well as you may be dishonest.

Clammy hands mean lazy and unstable person, however having good intentions. In terms of marriage, you will marry someone that is being accepted by every single person you know.

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