People with Type O Blood Are Special

Blood donors do the most beneficial thing in the world when they donate their blood making it possible for some other person to survive and thus safe his life.

Thanks to these blood donors millions of lives are being saved every year. This benevolent action of the blood donors helps millions of people who are at need of human blood in their most difficult time in their life.

The human blood is divided in four blood types, A, B, AB and O. When blood donating is concerned the best blood type is O as it is universal and every person can take it. So, people with this blood type are universal and unique. The group O negative is very rare and only 7% of the world population have it.

Why persons that have blood group O are unique?

People having the blood type O are being protected from cognitive decline through the gray matter of their brain. This was scientifically proven by conducted studies ofthe researchers Matteo De Marco and AnnalenaVanneri from the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Sheffield. In these studies it was come to the conclusion that people with the blood group A, B, or AB have smaller volumes of gray matter present at the temporal and limbic areas of the brain. These areas are recognized as the first parts of the brain which can be affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, people who have blood type O are exceptional with extremely valuable blood.

People with blood type Oreveal specific personality traits which other people do not have. They are known for their leadership, energy, and their ability to remain focused. These people are more organized, responsible, and engaged in the given tasks, which makes them the ideal employees. As a result of that employers in Japan who are aware of this notion seek and favor candidates for a specific job post to have blood type O.

Blood Types

The blood type is determined by the two sets of proteins, named as antigens which are on the outside of red blood cells. The first set is type A, B, or O and the second set is of Rh factor (positive or negative).

Here it is what the worldwide organizationRed Cross states about the specifics of blood groups: “Group A contains only the A antigen outside the red blood cells (and the B antibody in the plasma). Group B has only B antigen outside the red blood cells (and the A antibody in the plasma). Group AB has antigens A and B outside red blood cells (but neither antibody A nor antibody B in plasma). Group O has no antigens A or B outside the red blood cells (but antibodies A and B in the plasma. “

In plain words, blood group A can give blood to groups A and B, blood group B to group B and AB, and group AB only to people with AB, however it can receive red blood cells from all the others .

When the group O is considered, there are no antigens outside the red blood cells and because of that the immune system of the recipient will not react negatively to this blood type. Plus, the Rh negative blood does not have Rh antigen located outside the blood cells, meaning that there are no proteins from which the immune system needs to protect itself.

Hence, we can conclude that blood type O negative blood can be transfused to patients of any blood type.

However, the blood group O negative is very rare and because of that there are not so many universal donors in the world.As per the American Red Cross, in Caucasians there are only 8% of people with this rare blood group. In African Americans the percentage is lower 4%, and only 1% in the Asian population.

People with blood type O negative are very rare and valuable, but other blood groups are also important when blood donation is considered. Therefore, no matter what your blood type is, blood donation is a benevolent action that can save many lives.

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