Put Your Palms Side by Side & See If Your Heart Lines Match, Here’s What It Means

Reading your palms or otherwise known as palmistry is an ancient Indian technique used to tell the personal traits of the person and as well as his future.

This technique becamepopular very quickly and almost every nation in the world uses it. We all have specific lines on our hands which can tell a lot about our desires, personal features, love, and aspirations in life.

Although considered to be pseudoscience, many people believe in the technique of palmistry and its revelations. However, in order to learn this technique it requires years of learning so that the interpreting the lines of the hand is correct. The interpretations of the lines depend on their dimensions and their positions in the palms. These lines can predict health, wealth, personal character, marriage, wisdom, career, and many other aspects of a person’s life.

Our both hands differ in their dominance meaning that the one that we more use like for instance for writing is the dominant one which reflects our conscious mind, and the other one represents our subconscious. The palm reading is done on the dominant hand of the person.

Heart Line – the Line of Love

This is very important line and the most visible one. It is located just under the base of the fingers. The name of the line tells by itself that it reveals the love life of a person, its current and future status.

Here it is what this line can tell about a person:

First you need to place your hands side by side, and check if they are perfectly aligned or they are staggered.

The line of the left hand is higher than the line of the right hand

If your heart line takes this position then this means that you are an assertive and independent person who does not find love as the ultimate goal in life. In order to be complete you do not need love, but you like challenges in love,yet you do not search for love very seriously. But, when it comes to your belief what is right for you then you are getting aggressive in eliminating everything that bothers you in order to have that kind of passionate and spirited love that so many people are looking for.

The line of the right hand is higher than the line of the left hand

Now, this position of the heart line means that you are a good lover. You are a person that does not strictly follow the rules of society, for instance if you are in love with an older person you will have no problem to fulfill that love and make it official as in an institution of marriage. You tend to live freely and want to have a different life than most people have.

The lines of both hands are at the same height

When your heart lines are aligned then this says that you are a person with a calm personality. You believe in humanity and you have empathy, good sense, sweetness and sensitivity.You are destined to be a good parent, but you do not like changes in life. In terms of marriage, your choice of spouse would be someone that is accepted by your nearby surrounding and friends you know.

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