Scientists from the Pasteur Institute Have Managed to Destroy Cells Infected by AIDS

Scientists have managed to find a way how to destroy cells contaminated by the AIDS virus. This is incredible news for all patients fighting with AIDS and this breakthrough can mean that in near future there would be a potential discovery of a vaccine.

AIDS is a deadly disease that has taken millions of lives as it quickly attacks the immune system. Namely, the dead ratio in 2017 was devastating as a result of this disease, plus 36.9 million people were living infected with HIV and in this year there are 1.8 million new cases of AIDS.

The statistics reveal the following data: around 58% of the new HIV infections are over the age of 15, and every week approximately 6600 women in the age range of 15 to 24 years old are being infected by this deadly virus. In the past years on these patients has been used a triple therapy which does not entirely destroy the virus present in the human body.

Researchers at the Institute Pasteur in Paris have managed to kill the cells infected with HIV, which is a great breakthrough as up to now the used medicines only impeded the progression of the virus in the body. The results of this study showed that this amazing breakthrough helps to kill the “reservoir” cells that have HIV.

Here it is what the spokesperson of the Institute Pasteur maintains regarding this discovery:

“The antiretroviral treatment (triple therapy) used today is intended to prevent the proliferation of HIV and not to eliminate it from the body. The virus remains in reservoirs – immune lymphocytes – the main targets of the disease »

Metabolic inhibitors

The Aids virus attacks cells with high metabolic activity and phagocyte their energy to multiply. However, today thanks to the use of inhibitors of metabolic activity, scientists have managed to eliminate HIV-infected reservoir cells which will prevent their further multiplication. This is a great discovery for the patients infected with HIV and it offers hope for complete remission of AIDS.

The next step would be to use this method in a human body and see how it will react. In theory there should be only positive results as the viral activity is very low in the beginning of the infection, and its use could totally prevent the contamination of the body by the virus.

AIDS – Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

This is a deadly disease caused by the late onset of HIV infection which can result in the occurrence of severe illnesses that can turn out to be terminal. The virus attacks the immune system and the defense capabilities against pathogens.

Have in mind that this disease is contagious and transmitted by sexual or intravenous way. Patients with this virus need to perform regular medical check-ups, and follow a triple therapy, which is an antiretroviral treatment that needs to be followed their entire life. This is still deadly and incurable diseases, but its proliferation can be ceased if it is detected on time, therefore you need to be aware of the symptoms it reveals.

Symptoms of AIDS

Here are the main ones:

  • Fever or High temperature
  • Inflated ganglions
  • Rashes
  • Great tiredness
  • Ulcerations around the mouth or genital mucosa
  • Dryness around the mouth

Protect your Body from AIDS

Prevention is always the best protection of any diseases, and this is also applied for the HIV infection.

You can protect your body from this disease if you are conscientious person following certain habits especially when sexually activity is concerned. Here they are:

  • Your sexual intercourse by all means needs to be with a condom as if it is used properly it offers 100% reliable protection.
  • By no means use previously used needles or be very careful when in contact with one.
  • Do not share personal belongings like toothbrush, razors, and files.

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