Soak Your Feet in ACV So You Don’t Have Dry Feet, Eliminate Odors, Calluses & More

Apple cider vinegar – ACV is an incredible product that can be used as well as for various purposes in the household and for the body careaside its common use for culinary purposes.

It shows antibiotic and antibacterial properties, plus it contains potassium, amino acids, and acetic acid thus making it a natural antidote to many ailments. As a result of these amazing properties it can substantially improve the way of living and make your life a lot easier.

Health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Its use will offer you the needed protection against numerous diseases. Namely, it can prevent various infections, destroy germs and various bacteria.

Due to its powerful antibiotic features it can alleviate digestive disorders, therefore whenever experiencing such issue just take apple cider vinegar and your issue will be soon gone. It will kill the germs as they cannot stand the acidic environment created by vinegar.

When the season of colds come have in mind that apple cider vinegar can be of great help in their treatment and as well as prevention. It will solve your issue with a stuffy nose due to the content of potassium which liquefies the phlegm. On the other hand, the content of acetic acid will prevent nasal congestion.

The issue with a foul breath will be gone by making a gargle with apple cider vinegar two times a week. By using the same gargle you will successfully remove the stains on your teeth and whiten them in the most natural way.Plus, it will eliminate bacteria in your mouth and your gums.

The amino acids in the apple cider vinegar will act as a palliative to fatigue generated by stress.

In this article we shall focus on its use in the foot care, and for that purpose below in the text we shall present you an amazing recipe for a footbath.

In addition to the foot care this bath will also help you in the treatment of various health concerns like digestive and breathing problems, and it can be of substantial help in losing unwanted pounds.

Have in mind that you should not overdo with its use either internally or topically as it may cause digestive problems or burns.

Prepare this foot bath with warm water and in it include herbs, aromatic salts and spices in order to boost its effect. Have in mind that your feet are fertile ground for bacteria that can trigger infections, dry and cracked skin and asperities. The use of this recipe will help you to disinfect your feet thus provide you with nicely moisturized feet with finished rough edges. This bath will help you in the fight againstfungal and bacterial infections, calluses, plus it will eliminate bad odors and alleviate your feet from weight pressure.

Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Bath

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of apple cider vinegar
  • 1l of lukewarm water


In a suitable basin pour warm water, but make sure it is not too hot so that not to burn yourself. Next, add a cup of apple cider vinegar and place your feet in it. If you want more pleasing scent of your foot bath you should add a few drops of lavender essential oil or some other oil of your own preference. Soak your feet in this bath for 15 minutes once a week and reap all the benefits it can offer to your body.

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