Some Easy Exercises to Slim Down Your Legs 3 Minutes before Bedtime

Beautiful legs are something that we all want to have as they are reflection of our beauty. Well defined legs with nice muscles are a physical asset of any person. Flabby thighs can be really embarrassing for most people and because of that they turn to practicing.

However, in this article we shall present you some effective exercises performed before going to bed and in that way quickly strengthening the thighs and calves. For all that you will need only 3 minutes of your time before going to bed.

Have in mind in order to achieve strong muscular body you need to follow two principles: proper diet and physical activity. Both principles need to be implemented for acquiring great muscular body.

Dieting can help us to lose weight, but the firming part needs to be done by performing a physical activity. If you find going to the gym rather tiring and a nuisance, then we recommend you to use the below listed exercises. They are very efficient and can be performed at the comfort of your own home. Not to mention that it will not cost you a thing which is not the case with the expensive membership cards.

These exercises were created by Tracy Anderson who is a trainer that most celebrities in Hollywood hire. She created a set of short exercises that will make your thighs and calves stronger, super toned and incredibly looking. The performance of these exercises will assist in eliminating the buildup of fat in the knees and hips and as well as refining the silhouette. All you need to do is to practice them and only for 3 minutes, incredible, isn’t it!

This is what you need for this training program:

  • Location: your bedroom, performed on the bed.
  • Optimal training time: right before going to bed or immediately after waking up.
  • Duration of each exercise: 3 minutes.

Toning the front of your thighs

By doing this exercise you are targeting the abdominals, thighs and knees and thus making them stronger.

Here it is how to perform it:

Take a lying position on your back and then put your arms along the body. Start lifting your legs up in order to reach the 90-degree angle. Make sure to maintain straight legs without bending the knees. Your feet should be joined and pointed.

At this position, while pressing the legs together, bend one knee by pointing your foot to the buttocks, and then extend your leg and bend the other. Do this movement 10 times, and after that change the leg.

Additional tips: In order to get the most of this exercise your muscles need to be already warm. You should always keep one leg straight and make certain to have a regular breathing in order for the body to be properly oxygenated.

Tone the back of your thighs

The targets of this movement are the back muscles of the thighs, but as well as the abdominals and knees. For its performance you need to follow these two parts:

1st Part

Take a lying position on your back, put your arms along your body and raise your legs up in   perpendicular position to the abdomen. Maintain your feet together. Next, with your legs together, bend one knee after another so that your heels touch your buttocks. Meanwhile keep your toes pointed towards the body. Perform 10 repetitions on each leg.

2nd Part

When you have finished the set of 10 repetitions for each leg, you should go back to the initial position.

Your legs are up, and then gently pull them back to reach the 75-degree angle. Next, slightly bend your knees, but make sure that your toes are pointed up. In this position swing your legs back and forth so that you elevate the buttocks off the bed. While performing this movement, keep the muscles in the upper part of your legs straight. Perform a set of 20 repetitions.

Additional tip: In order for this exercise to be performed in the right way, you should feel tightness in the back of the thighs.

Tone the inner thighs

The performance of this exercise will make stronger the inside of your thighs, abdominals, buttocks and as well as the upper part of your legs.

Take a lying position on your back and then cross your legs so that the right leg is above the left leg. Keep the muscles tight and make certain that your legs kept together. Like this, bend your knees and stretch them till you obtain your starting position. Make a set of 10 repetitions and after that reverse the leg position by crossing the left leg above the right, and like that do 10 repetitions as well.

Additional tips: Your legs need to be kept tight during the performance of the exercise and your muscles should be kept tight during the 20 sets. If you experience pressure on both legs and knees, then you are doing it in the right way.

The performance of these exercises will provide you with the legs of a gazelle. Very soon you will notice positive results and you will enjoy wearing shorts and skirts with your nicely formed legs.



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