Taking Regular Naps Improves Memory, Keeps Diseases Away, Makes You Lose Weight & Much More

The nap is believed to be a regular, normal and integral part of the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) which makes it very beneficial for your body.

Although this is not a normal habit for many countries like Canada, USA, France and others it is a very common habit for many countries with hot climate. Namely, incertain regions of the world the companies leave time for their employees to take a nap so that they can be more productive later in the day. However, in other countries this is considered to be laziness.

According to latest researches it is better to have a nap lasting form 10-20 minutes, so when feeling the incredible drop of energy instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, you should take a nap. The nap can offer many benefits during the work day like better alertness and perception, boosted motor performance, and can even help in the weight loss process.

Knowing this fact, many multinationals companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung have implemented this break during the day. They have made all the needed arrangements for their employees to enjoy the break of the day thus offering them the possibility of having a nap. In addition to this, many studies have confirmed that having a nap during the day can boost the attention, productivity and performance of people.

As per a performed study on behavior of children by the University of Colorado at Boulder it was revealed that those children who skipped their nap time were at greater risk of suffering from health issues such as anxiety, and also experienced less joy and lack of energy compared to the ones who had their daily nap. These findings refer for the adults as well.

According to many researches the adults who regularly had their nap were enhancing the functions of their memory and as well as their learning abilities. Having a sleep during the day positively influences the brain which allows later to restart accordingly. The nap will boost the cognitive and psychomotor performance thus allowing you to have a better memory and at the same time can help you in losing weight. Sleep deficiency can disrupt the hormonal balance which makes it difficult to control our appetite.

How long should a nap last?

In order to experience all the benefits from having a nap it should last from 10 to 20 minutes. If it lasts longer, like for instance 30 minutes it can cause sleep inertia having the feeling of “hangover” on waking. This also applies for a nap that lasts for one hour which is no longer a nap but a deep sleep and once you wake up, it can cause a feeling of vertigo making you feel more tired than before.

According to experts a good nap should last 10 to 20 minutes, which is enough time for the brain to regenerate and improve its functions.

The longest nap can last for around 90 minutes, but this one is only intended for people who have not slept enough during the night. This time frame represents a complete sleep cycle that includes the lightest and deepest stages, including REM sleep, which is usually related to the stage of dreams. This long nap usually avoids sleep inertia.

Napping during the day facilitates better brain activity and creativity so if it is possible for you try to implement it in your daily life. However, have in mind not to disturb your regular sleep as in that case there are no real benefits.

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