Tell Us the Color of Your Eyes & We’ll Tell You Who You Are: The Color of the Eyes Reveals the Character

We all know the saying “Eyes are the window of the soul,” and it seems that it is a true saying. Scientists have examined the iris of the eye and confirmed that the color of our eyes determine our character.

According to the researchers at the University of Orebro in Sweden, who have conducted a study involving 428 subjects; have come to the conclusion that the color of the eyes is linked to the personality of a person. The explanation of the scientists was that the color of the eyes is affected by the same genes that form the frontal lobe of the brain. In addition to this they have realized that certain distinct behaviors were similar among people with the same color of the iris.

Dr. Anthony Fallone of the University of Edinburgh also studied the relations between the eyes and the personality. He revealed that the eye is neurologically related to the brain and this relation is really close that it acts as one part of the brain that can be visible from the outside. This means that the eyes can reveal vital clues about the function of the brain.

Here it is what each color means about the character of a person:

Dark Brown or Black Eyes

As per a conducted study in 2010 released in Current Psychology, people who have darker eyes are more enjoyable persons.

People with darker eyes are born leaders and other people are also aware of this. Eyes that are dark brown and in some occasions appearing black are in fact a rare color. These people are considered to be secretive and mysterious.

Furthermore, according to a released study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences people with very dark eyes drink less than people with fair eyes.

Blue Eyes

You are a person with incredible psychological and physical strength. However, mowver, Hany people believe that just by the blue color of your eyes they can conclude that you are weak, shy or untrustworthy. Regardless of this negative tendency for the character of people with blue eyes they are really strong persons.

As per a conducted study by the University of Pittsburgh’s Faculty of Medicine, which involved 58 pregnant women, it was revealed that the women with fair eyes can tolerate more pain during childbirth than those with darker eyes. In addition to this they tend to be deal with childbirth stress better.

Gray Eyes

This color of eyes is very rare; however this color is just a variation of blue eyes. Persons with dark gray eyes are either emotionally stable or emotionally changeable. These persons can easily change their behavior according to the current moment so that their needs are satisfied. They can behave differently according to each person so that their aims are achieved. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how they control their emotions.

Brown Eyes

The brown color of eyes is a result of more melanin in the body which is not the case with people with clearer eyes. People like these persons as most of them are nice and bring great confidence to other people.

As per a released study by Charles University in Prague, persons with brown eyes are in general very loyal, kind and respectful people, but this does not mean that you can control them because they are at least submissive.

According to a conducted study released in Chronobiology International people with brown eyes tend to sleep two hours less than people with fair eyes. Plus, they suffer from poor sleep cycles, and getting up in the morning for them is really a hard task.

 Green Eyes

People with green eyes are perceived as mysterious, seductive, and sexy people. These people are creative, original and can work great under pressure.

According to a released study in the Los Angeles Impulse Corporation people with green eyes are sexier. This study focused on the sex appeal of people with varied eye colors, and the people with green eyes were the people with the most sex appeal. Plus, most participants wanted to have green eyes.

As per the findings of the ophthalmologist surgeon Dr. HamadiKallel people with green eyes are self-sufficient and seem very mysterious. In addition to this, he states that these people are often unpredictable, yet it is very difficult to make them angry.

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